By Diana (DumeeGamer) & Amin Gemei (Dark Dragon Books

Dark Dragon Books is a publisher of comic books. They have offer a huge collection of comics about all your favorite games and fantasy stories. Tomb Raider, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones and many, many more. DumeeGamer.com had the honor of speaking with Amin Gemei, Founder of Dark Dragon Books. In this interview we focused mainly on the comics about games.

The stories in the comic books, are they the same stories I witness while playing the games?

No, some stories takes place before the game you play. Others takes place after the story you played in the game. For example, the Tomb raider comic book picks up after the events of the last Tomb Raider game in 2013. Contrary, the Splinter Cell books tells you what happened before the events in the games.The World of Warcraft comics are also different from the main storyline of the game. Becuase every gamer creates his or her own story in World of Warcraft. Thatís exactly what the comic book writers did. They wrote their own story, using the world and characters of World of Warcraft.

Do you often attend Game Fairs?

Most of the time we present our merchandise at comic events, but this is really nice. We see a different type of fans. Gamers like these books because they like a game or game character. The comics of Assassinís Creed are more like background information. Very nice for fans who want to know more about the era in which Assassinís Creed takes place. At comic events someone could be fascinated by Assassins and buy the comic for that reason.

Do you have something special for buyers today?

Of course! Today is a really good opportunity to buy one of the books, because there are three artists available to draw you an unique drawing of your favorite character. And we have cosplayers present to help us sell. Here on Epicon you will be able buy a comic of Lara Croft, purchase it from cosplay Lara and then go to one of the artists, who will make you a special drawing of Lara. Without extra charge.

If you would like to know more about Dark Dragon Books, or just browse their store, please go to www.DarkDragonBooks.com

As a nice bonus, Amin Gemei also provided us with a World of Warcraft Comic book, which we will give away to one of our lucky readers out there. How can you win this game, you ask? Stay tuned to DumeeGamer.com and you will find out soon... or will you... MWOOOHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!