GameForge is a renowned publisher of games. Any company that releases games with a title like Orcs Must Die immediately arouses our curiosity. The man with the plan at GameForge is JŲrn Fahrbarch, and heís going to show us round the GameForge booth today.

Weíre in luck, because thereís a spot in the pressroom for Orcs Must Die! Unchained, and we can join the game. Time for some Orc Slaying! This PC game is a fast-paced Fortress Siege action game. Teams of heroes battle to attack and defend ancient strongholds. It looks the part and, first and foremost, itís a lot of funto play!

A tactical approach, skill and quick reflexes is what every battle in this game demands. Itís a mixture of tower defence and shooters with humorous brutality. Thatís what makes this game fun to play. The gameplay is easy to learn and the graphics are marvelous. Itís a free to play game and the closed beta has already started.

Hex: Shards of Fate is GameForgeís main reason to create a brand new game genre; MMO/TCG, which stands for Massively Mulitplayer Online/ Trading Card Game. This game is also free to play. You will receive one free starter deck when you create an account. Afterwards, you can earn cards by exploring dungeons. There are also tournaments for players to participate in for honor or prizes. This game is momentarily in its closed beta phase.

Another game by GameForge is Sigils: Battle for Raios, a MOBA-RPG in which you play The Traveller. He visits Raios in its darkest hour, the world is in ruins and all its inhabitants live in fear. All this nastiness is caused by the moth queen Xestia (Damn those Moth Queens! theyíre such a nuisance, wouldnít you agree?). You need to break her reign of terror by aiding the Champions of Raios in their quest of victory.

The Soccer World Cup Championship is over for this year, but that doesnít mean we canít play soccer games. With Matchday: Football Manager the world of soccer is brought to your mobile device. Create a team and lead them to victory. This road puts you, the teamís manager, to the ultimate test. You can download it for free on your iOS, Windows or Android phone. This leads us to the single best thing about this game: Every day is Matchday!

GameForge provides us with a variety of fun, challenging and free-to-play games. So visit their website and pick (and play) your favorite game.

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