By Joyce (Lil' Blondy) & Benjamin aka Hell-Monkey aka Dutch-8-Rebel

Have you ever heard of Hell-Monkey or Dutch-8-Rebel? Well, guess what? We had the chance to talk to him. He is one of the best WarFrame, Call Of Duty and Watchdogs gamers of this age.

But how did he get to the point where he is now? Well, letís find out shall we? Who is this guy behind his character? Why is he so good? How far will he go for success? All of that will be revealed in this interview.

But first, a few nuggets of information about Mr. Dutch-8-Rebel (whose real name is Benjamin). Benjamin is a 35 years old gamer (So you see, you're never too old to have fun, for those people who thought that they were getting to old for this "Shit"), who grew up with his parent in a little but lovely home.

The only difference is that a couple of years ago (and, yeah, I mean COUPLE -> Like 15 years ) everything was way more expensive then it is today, so not everybody could have a nice game console. But luckily Benjamin did. And like most of us he has played video games for about as long as he can remember. Just think about the first time you played Pac-Man or Mario. When I asked Benjamin what I could wake him up for in the middle of the night, the answer was real simple... A cup of coffee, food & games.

Benjamin had his own firm for a large number of years, so he was working almost 24/7 and never had time to himself or even enough time to get some decent sleep, because he is a plasterer, so thereís plenty of work to be done. But unfortunately he was forced to quit because insurance didnítÖwell, letís just say go with the flow if you know what I mean.

From that moment on Benjamin needed to find something new in his life, something that would make him happy and fill in the gaping hole that unemployment had left him with. And yes my dear friends, this is where it all started. A new gaming hero was born!

As you may have noticed at the beginning of our story, Benjamin uses two different aliases: HeII-Monkey and Dutch-8-Rebel. Even though at first I thought that it was without any specific reason, there actually turned out to be one. People that play or have played a lot of Call of Duty will only have seen the name HeII-Monkey, this is his COD character name. And itís actually quit fitting, because believe me you donít want him in the opposing team when you're playing CoD. Because no matter how good you are at hiding or how good you are at playing these particular games, he will still find you, leaving many opponents wishing he would go to Hell. Or, as he would put it: "I can and I will, just watch me!"

And of course you can understand that Activision noticed it, and didn't just let him pass by. So HeII-Monkey was offered a sponsor. And seriously guys, just between us, who could refuse a deal like that? Just as I thought... NOBODY!

But how did he do this, how could this guy get so good at CoD? What frame of mind did he get himself into to get this far? Well the answer is quite easy: Just because he wanted toÖ For him itís good enough when he sees his name on the leaderboard. So he played, for hours and hoursÖ and hoursÖ and HOURS on end. So sleeping wasn't on his schedule. But he did it!

But enough with all the personal stuff, letís go over to some questions I asked him.

If you had to make a top 5 of games you love to play, which games would be on this list?

1. CoD Black Ops
2. Modern Warfare 3
3. CoD Black Ops II
4. Warframe
5. (Laughing) Pinball; I'm 30+ so I love the retro style games. This one will always be one of my favorites.

Do you play the single player campaign of a CoD game before you go online?

Actually, no I do not. This mainly because I donít like computer generated Bots. I want to play against real people. A person can do whatever he wants with his character. From hiding to climbing to stabbing me in the back (What doesn't happen that often). What I mean to say is that a person can lead his own character, while on the other hand, in Campaign mode the computer already decided what is going to happen.

How many hours a day on average, would you say you spend on games?

Well, when I buy a new game, I easily play 10-12 hours a day, I just canít stop! I really need to give it my all. I want to be the best, and will not rest before I reach that goal.

What about a game like Destiny? Is this something you would play next, seeming as how the storyline also involves online interaction with people?

I can't wait until the release of Destiny! I have been searching for videos for quite some time now to see the gameplay footage. This mainly because I know there are already people out there, playing the test version. I just wish I was one of them. And, well yeah, you see people online during your Storyline campaign, but I think that this is different.

Ever thought of playing MMO/RPG Games?

No not really. I really love multiplayer games and really like action and interaction with other people online. But, being that as it may, I personally feel the MMO/RPG games still can't compete against CoD, Watchdogs, Destiny, Warframe, etc.

If you had to make a choice, what would it be: Game console or PC?

Haha, thatís an easy one! Console of course. Not to talk negatively about PC gamers, but playing a game with a mouse and a keyboard just really isn't my thing. Even though the graphics on a PC are usually way better than the ones you would see on a Playstation or Xbox, I just prefer the consoles.

Why donít you have a live-stream, so people can follow you and see how you play and maybe give them some tips?

Well, a few people asked me this before. And of course it would be awesome to have my own stream, but it takes a lot of work to record everything and people have to know your name before anyone would even consider watching you play.

When will you get back to your regular job as a plasterer?

The way things are going now, I will go back to work at the start of 2015. That is, if everything goes according to plan.

Will this be the end for Hell-Monkey?

I will never stop playing, even though I think that I wouldn't have much time left on a daily basis. Sometimes it just feels like there are too few hours in a day.

So there you have it folks, straight from the man himself. So remember; if youíre lying in a ditch on a digital battlefield somewhere, thinking you are safely hidden from your opponents, be afraid... be very afraid. Hell-monkey might be right behind you, ready to attack!