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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on October 19, 2018

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Spiel Essen is nearly upon us! In the meantime, we will keep you informed about the adventures of our very own board gaming specialist: Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee as he prepares for this feast!

The Road to Spiel takes our cardboard reporter to different places all across this wonderful world. The road started in Belgium with two Dutch publishers, after which it spiraled back to Belgium and continued its way into France. Today, we are taking the road even further, a lot farther from our Dutch beds than before (thank god for email, and for the fact that some of our developers are currently living in the Netherlands). Yes, dear readers, today we're looking at Canada and Australia; two countries that brought forth some of the great people behind our two spotlight-deserving developers for today: Inside Up Games and Barpig.

The Canadian board game developer and publisher Inside Up Games started their journey in 2016, when they decided to start creating exciting and entertaining games that had one main focus: having Fun! Shortly thereafter, they succeeded in doing so with the release of their first and most well-known game, a mountaineering game that goes by the apt name of Summit. Although it was there very first game, it managed to move mountains on Kickstarter!

This year, they will bring Gorus Maximus to Spiel Essen; a game that broke all Kickstarter records for Inside Up Games and, myself being one of the over 2200 backers, makes me happy to my Roman bones... not that I have Roman roots or anything... let's just say it makes me as happy as an ancient Roman at a gladiator fight! The game takes you back to the glorious times of the Roman Empire, where Gladiators slaughtered each other during violent confrontations on the blood-stained sand of the arena.

Gorus Maximus is a kind of reenactment of those traditional Gladiator games; and a exceptionally bloody version of them, I must say. To excite the masses even more and gain political power, you must make sure that your games are entertaining enough to win over the crowd! Gather the strongest gladiators and most ferocious beasts at one of the five gladiator schools to ensure your games are the most exciting and brutal games in the whole of Rome. When the sun sets on the blood-soaked battlefield, you want the spectators chanting your name. Give them the gruesome spectacle they are rooting for and earn the heavily sought-after title of Champion of Gorus Maximus!

I am really looking forward to receive my Kickstarter copy of this game at Spiel. Apart from that, the developers flew all the way from Canada to attend Spiel 2018, which is an awesome accomplishment in its own right, as far as I'm concerned!

You can meet Game Designer and Decider of all Things of Inside Up Games, Conor McGoey, at Booth 4-F102 at Spiel 2018. But be aware, he is loaded with free hugs and, or so I've heard, he Is more than willing (and thoroughly able) to use them!

Our part Canadian, part Australian and part Dutch friends at Barpig, who you might already know from their awesome game, which is also called BARPIG, are bringing a whole new stand-alone Expansion for Barpig, called Barpig After Hours to Spiel 2018. "If you say Barpig one more time..." Right, sorry! But wait, there's more!
"No way, more?! Do tell, do tell! Don't keep us waiting, you bearded boardgame bigshot!
Well, since you ask so nicely, I will tell you. Not only are they bringing the After Hours expansion; they are also going to build a big medieval tavern at Spiel to go with the theme of the game.

Now, let me tell you about the game called Barpig; this is no ordinary card game ladies and gentlemen; it is a card-based-role-playing-drinking-game or, as the developers themselves called it: "The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party!". Barpig actually started out as BaRPG and DumeeGamer's very own Dennis "CallMeBackDraft" Aspers did a review about it a very, very long time ago. Although it is nowhere near up to date, it does give a general impression of what the game is about. Of course, now that I'm the board game specialist at DumeeGamer, you can expect a review of the final version of this awesome game somewhere in near future... perhaps even including the expansion!

So, as I've already mentioned, the Barpigs are bringing stand-alone expansion with them to Spiel; Barpig After Hours. The fun thing about After hours is that you can either play it as a stand-alone game, or build a single, more expansive deck by combining it with the original BARPIG. The artwork on the After Hours cards is comes, once again, from the talented hands of Frederick van de Bunt. Being the lucky little piggies that we are, we already seen some of the artwork and you could say it's all a bit darker in After Hours. In fact, all the characters are the evil counterparts of the original BARPIG characters. Well, I say evil... most are evil, others are just plain and simple in wrong place at the wrong time. Another fun thing about After Hours is the fact that you use the item deck more than in the original game!

Barpig After Hours will be present at Spiel as a playable demo in all its glorious forms at Spiel. I can personally promise you that playing the BARPIG party game at home or in a bar with some of your friends will make you break out into song, dance and, most certainly, laughter! Plus, the After Hours expansion makes it even better!

So, when you encounter a medieval tavern in hall five, you'll instantly know where that sounds of cheerful laughter you heard earlier is coming from. Make sure you play a game of The Adventure Party Game BarPig After Hours! You can find the Barpigs at Booth 5-A113.

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