Independent game studio Life Studios was founded in 2012, and is located in the Netherlands. The founders and brains behind the entire operation are Nick Francken (left) and Sil Hendriks (right).

Life Studios is currently working on two games. The first game is called Envy and will be the first part in a series of seven games. These seven games will eventually make up the Kael Letum Acum-franchise. Envy is about a youngster named Kael, who, unfortunately for him, will die. After his death he is sent to hell as penance for all his sins. But Kael has other plans.

Envy is currently in its alpha stage with the intention of launching this year. Envy is now being adjusted and tweaked in response to the feedback of testers. It will be free to play on Android and iOS. And free means free, so there will be no buy-to-win features whatsoever.

The second game started off with the title Disaster Date, but later on it has been changed to College Desperation. This game is a dating sim, which are very popular in Asia. Life Studios has the intention to translate this concept to the Western culture. The goal of the game is to date as much as you can. There are three levels of difficulty in which you can date eighteen women. If you play well, you can have as much as eighteen different endings. This game will appear in 2015 at the earliest. A lot of time and effort will be put into the development and production of College Desperation, mainly because the whole game will consist of hand-drawn anime graphics.

What I particularly like about this studio is that they involve they’re fans and likers. For example, you can participate in a contest to come up with a name for the school where College Desperation will take place.

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