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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 29, 2016

A book about a game? As a big fan of the Dying Light series, I knew I wanted to read Dying Light: Nightmare Row, the prequel novel by official James Bond author Raymond Benson. And of course Iíll share this experience with all you DumeeGamer.com fans!

First things first, letís talk about the book. Itís an actual book, not a comic. So yeah, you will have to read. The book starts with a certain doctor Abbas. He lives in Harran and discovers some shocking stuff while working in the Slums. Strange things are happening there. A woman brings in her son, who has been bitten by a man and now the boy seems to be showing flu-like symptoms. Dr. Abbas gives him some medicine and sends them home, confident the boy will be alright. But, after only a short week, the woman is back with her son. The symptoms are not gone; quite the opposite actually, theyíre only getting worse and her son is becoming more and more aggressive each day. All of a sudden, the young boy attacks another of Dr. Abbasí patients and runs out the door, never to be seen again...

The chapter in which we meet Dr. Abbas is already a really cool part of the story, especially because he doesnít have a clue about whatís going on. I, on the other hand, knew exactly what was going on because I had already played Dying Light, and found myself almost screaming at the pages: ďOh my god, run! The zombie apocalypse has started! Get yourself to safety!" After our encounter with Dr. Abbas, we meet Mel Wyatt; an eighteen year old teenager, who was ďlucky" enough to be selected to compete in a sport event, which (of course) takes places in Harran. And, as one would expect, the rulers of the city of Harran wonít even think about cancelling this event, just because some unknown illness is spreading through their city. Not with so much people from all over the world coming to Harran. Just think about the money theyíll miss out on! No, no, ladies and gentlemen; Public safety is very important, as long as it doesnít cost us money.

The part that focuses on Mel is so exciting and terrifying. Mel is actually bitten, but has not turned yet. She has come to Harran with her family and she already knows her parents died. But her younger brother got lost and she doesnít know what happened to him. Desperately trying to find him, she travels through the streets of Harran and braves all its dangers, which are not only zombies as you might suspect. And if that isnít enough, she also suffers from sickness attacks which are a prelude to the turning process.

I donít want to spoil any surprises, so Iíll stop writing about the story here. What I will say is that this book is really well written and the survival tactics that Mel discovers by trial and error are similar to what you experience in the game Dying Light and its expansion: The Following. The stuff that happens to her, plus the fact that she can turn at any time makes this one compelling read. Itís nerve-wracking, itís a bit gory and itís an excellent book for all you Dying Light fans who are not afraid to read an actual book... Good night. Good luck!

A book by Raymond Benson
English / Polish
March 9, 2016