Who hasnít played Nintendo games? I dare you to find someone with an extensive experience in gaming who hasnít played a single Nintendo game. Our experience started with the NES. So an appointment with Nintendo at GamesCom was something we really would like to have.

The Nintendo booth is filled with new games. PR marketing employee Wieger Sturm gave us the grand tour. And the great thing about this tour is that we were able to choose which of these games we would like to play.

So our first stop was Bayonetta 2. We liked Bayonetta already, but this second installment will be released as a Wii U exclusive. Is that going to be a problem, I hear you think? The answer is no. The Wii U offers you all you need to play this game and have fun. Bayonetta has lost her long hair, but not her tricks. Itís still the brilliant hack and slash game we played before. But now in a new adventure with new problems and new beasts to slay. Itís set for release in October 2014.

Next stop, hack and slash game Hyrule warriors which will release in September 2014. It combines the game play of Dynasty Warriors with the setting and characters from Legend of Zelda. This type of game can be a little chaotic because of the tons of enemies you have to slay your way through. But it feels good and the game play works very smooth.

Wieger advised us to try Splatoon, and man, was he right! Splatoon has a single and multiplayer mode. Your objective is to paint the floor in your team colour. And, this is very cool, when youíre out of paint you have to turn yourself into a squid to absorb paint. You can also shoot enemies or players from the other team with paint. Whichever team has covered the most floorspace at the end of the round wins. This colorful adventure is scheduled for Q1/Q2 2015.

And last but not least, Yoshiís Woolly World. For the Yoshi fans, for the fans of Kirbyís Epic Yarn, for Nintendo addicts, Yoshi will have a brand new adventure in a world fully made of wool. Even himself! The result is a very cute looking platformer, which plays excellent and has some special new features because of the wool. When you jump on a enemy it will unravel, because they are (yes, youíve guessed itÖ) made entirely out of wool.

Unfortunately for us our time was almost up. Wieger told us about Amiibo, which is officially unveiled during last E3. Amiiboís are Nintendo figurines, which you can place at a platform and will be transported to the associated game. Diana (DumeeGamer) was very happy to see that Kirby will be one of the playable characters.

Of course there were more games presented at the Nintendo booth, which we sadly didn't have the time to play. Among them were:

Captain Toad - Treasure Tracker
Super Smash Bros Wii U
Party 10

Alas, we didnít have the time to play them all, which is just as well, or we would have been there all day! Suffice to say there are a lot of exciting Nintendo games scheduled for this and next year.

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