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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 1, 2018

What's better than enjoying a game with your friends? Nothing, am I right? Well, with Playstation's PlayLink games you will become the host of the best party ever, right in your own home. All you need is a PS4, people with a decent Smartphone and a number of awesome PlayLink games. The three mighty Dumeegamer.com crewmembers, carefully selected for this night of good old Party fun are: Diana a.k.a. DumeeGamer, Ferry a.k.a. Sadhonker and Tom a.k.a. El Diablo.

We started off our night of friendly fun with a game called Knowledge is Power. You can play this game with six people in total. If you ever played Buzz on the PlayStation 2, you sort of know what is going to happen. Knowledge is power is a quiz game, with a big collection of trivia questions, divided into a number of categories. Use your phone to answer the questions as quickly as possible, because the faster you give the right answer, the more points you'll earn. You can also thwart your opponents by using special powers, the so called Power Play.

By using Power Play you can really spice things up and make things more difficult for one of your opponents. You can throw jelly at them, so they need to swipe it of before they can tap on an answer. Or let bombs dance across their screen, so they have to be careful not to tap a bomb instead of an answer. You can even freeze them so they will have to break through a layer of ice first before they can think about answering the question. Knowledge is Power is a great party game for everyone who likes to play quiz games. The difficulty depends on your general knowledge. Being liked by the other players might also help you, because they might not choose you as the target for their Power Play. And, just for the record, Ferry a.k.a. Sadhonker won this game!

The next game is one for the nightingales among us. Up to eight players can join this sing-off battle. If you ever played, or better said performed, in another Singstar game, you know the drill. Singstar celebration offers you thirty popular songs to sing along with, but now you can use your phone as the microphone. Try to hit the right notes as they are shown on your screen. You can either sing solo or get the group together and form a temporary band. If you're really good (or brave) you can record your performance and upload it to the online community. The outcome of our battle might not surprise you; Diana a.k.a. DumeeGamer won this game!

And last but not least; That's you! Who knows the most about his or her fellow players? This game can be played with six players in total, so gather friends and family and put your knowledge about each other to the test! Who would probably survive in the wild the longest? Who would laugh about a teacher's lame jokes for better grades? And who would rob a bank without hesitation? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the questions themselves are already hilarious, so you can imagine the sheer amount of fun there is to be had while playing That's You!

After answering some questions, the best part starts: Drawing contest and a selfie photo contest! I have to send my neighbors my sincerest apologies, along with a nice cake or something, to make up for all the noise we made because we laughed our asses off during the selfie rounds! It's unbelievable that this game is actually a free game (when you're a PS Plus member). And without further ado, I can proudly announce that Tom a.k.a. El Diablo was the one who knows us best!

PlayLink is a truly awesome way to spend an evening with friends and family. Whether you like to show off your knowledge, singing skills or prove once and for all that you know your friends inside and out, PlayLink has a game for you. We guarantee that you'll have fun with all three games. Trust us, it's going to be a night to remember!

Not a party game lover? Then you should really check out the possibilities that PlayLink offers you in story-driven games. We recently reviewed Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier and really soon we're going to tell you all about the thrilling game Hidden Agenda. So stay tuned to learn more about PlayLink, right here at Dumeegamer.com!

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