While gaming (especially when you play online), you will probably want to have a decent headset at hand. We at had the opportunity to test a Turtle Beach headset: The Earforce PX22

When first unpacking this headset, the first thing we noticed was the added inline amp with its mini control panel. You can use this inline amp to change the PX22ís settings to your own liking. It has nifty little usages such as mic monitoring which allow you to hear your own voice while playing. You can also change to bass and treble levels. And there is also a handy control switch, which allows you to change the usability of the headset really quick. You can slide it over one way to mute your microphone or switch to a different audio output.

Now that weíve covered the basic control of the headset, itís on to the performance. We can honestly say that in its price range it performs really well on audio clarity and sound reproduction. Itís a nice headset to wear, but like with most competing headsets it becomes less comfortable if you wear it for a couple of hours. The earpieces fit nicely around your ear, like it should with any over ear headset. While they fit firmly around the ear, it should be noted that you can still hear sounds and noises around you.

Next up is the performance of the microphone. (testing..1 ..2..) When youíre not using the headset for communication purposes, you can disconnect the microphone, which we think is a great feature when you just want to listen to music and you donít want a microphone dangling in front of your face.

As far as performance goes, we had a hard time classifying this microphone. On one hand it should be stated that this microphone has a great range. And we mean that in the broadest sense of the word. What we experienced was that the microphone picked up conversations from people that are at least ten feet away. The person we were with on team speak could clearly understand the conversation these people were having, which is a sign of a good quality microphone. On the other hand we think that a microphone in this price range should at least have a small to medium amount of noise cancelling. The sound quality is excellent, and we found that sound of your voice is very crisp and not at all distorted, so thatís a big plus.

Whether or not this headset is the headset for you depends on what youíre using it for. If you need a headset to use in online team meetings itís maybe not that handy, due to the minimal noise cancellation. If youíre planning on only using it in places with not that many people, the Earforce PX22 is a great headset with a decent price tag.

Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee & Joyce "LillBlondieJJ" Heidanus