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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on October 8, 2018

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Spiel Essen is nearly upon us! In the meantime, we will keep you informed about the adventures of our very own board gaming specialist: Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee as he prepares for this feast!

The first step towards reaching his goal was visiting Spellenfestival in Genk, Belgium, where he met a number of awesome board game developers and publishers and generally had one hell of a great day. Two of these awesome groups of people were Quined Games and Keep Exploring. Click on the link below to read more about them and their games! For a overall impression of Spellenfestival, click here.

The first publisher I would like to point out on my Road to Spiel is Quined Games; a Dutch publisher that has been operating in the boardgame industry for many years now and is best known for their games Carson City and last year's Kickstarter hit Agra. They also do some pretty good artwork on their Master Print Editions. These editions have a book spine-like design printed on one side of the box and make your board game shelves look like a bookcase, provided you've positioned the boxes right, of course!

For Spiel Essen, they're bringing a very nice new releases line up to the proverbial table. Quined Games is making the trip to Essen with two brand new games: Raiatea and Counterfeiters, as well as a reprint of one of their previous games: Firenze. On top of all that, they're also bring a new game or, as I understand it, some kind of expansion which acts as an additional kit to all games. This piece of board gaming marvel goes is the aptly named The Game Changers.

While I visited the Quined Games booth at Spellenfestival 2018, I had the chance to try out Raiatea for myself, while the rules and basic mechanics of the game were explained to me by Quined Games' very own Paul. We played a few rounds and a lot was going on. All players act as a member of a Polynesian tribe and are trying to win their gods' favor by erecting massive statues. In the action rounds, there are several locations to visit on the board. Each of these locations lets you do things, like gather mana or pearls to use later on, or buying stuff at the marketplace or even getting a tattoo. After the action round, the game goes into the ceremony round, in which players have the opportunity to build their massive To'o statues and play the ritual cards they managed to collect during the action rounds, so they receive additional support from their gods. After three ceremonies, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins!

Firenze is a reprint of their 2008 game, so I probably don't have to explain much about it. Counterfeiters is an addition to their Pocket series and I have my hopes set on trying this game during Spiel. It looks like a nice and colorful worker placement game, so I'll do my very best to get a hands-on experience! The Game Changers is a set of cards that can be used for every other game to spice things up in eleven different ways.

You can find Quined Games at Booth 3-M117 at Spiel. They have a web shop on their website where you can pre-order their games and pick them up at Spiel 2018.

Another publisher we met on our Road to Spiel is Keep Exploring Games, who are best known for games Scuba and The Dutch East Indies, both of which did very well on Kickstarter. The Dutch East Indies takes you back to the "golden" ages of Dutch history. A brand new expansion for this game is planned for a 2019 release. Back to 2018! For Spiel, they will bring one new release called Tour Operator and a revision of The Mask Trilogy.

In Tour Operator you will have to manage a travel agency while keeping your customers as happy as possible. The players will have to be sure to get their clients to the places they want to go to, fly clean airplanes with sufficient fuel and make sure your customers will have clean beds to sleep in. The clients come in different varieties, where the one is more patient than the other. For instance, one customer is fine with a dorm while the other demands the most luxurious room there is to find. To make it all even more interesting, the cities cards can only be played once, so watch out no one else is scoring the cities you were planning on sending your precious clients to. Whoever made their clients the happiest travellers in the world wins the game.

The three games from the minds of Micheal Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer that form The Mask Trilogy: Tikal, Java and Mexica, have been restyled by the French company Super Meeple and super cool resin models for the temples have been added to the games. Keep Exploring Games are responsible for publishing the Dutch versions of the games, which are also available in English and German. The game Java has had a title change and is now called Cusco, which makes all three games in the trilogy more alike, style-wise, with each other.

Keep Exploring Games can be found at Booth 5-A121 at Spiel. You can try out Tour Operator and The Mask trilogy at their booth. There is a discount available on the Keep Exploring Games website, when you pre-order games and pick them up at Spiel 2018.

Please do not hesitate to say hi at either booth and try one of these awesome games. I will be demoing at the Keep Exploring Games booth (5-A121) on Sunday, so maybe I'll see you there!

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