Game developer studio Ronimo were present at Gamescom. Luckily for us they managed to free up some time to talk to us.

The people at Ronimo Studio are the brains behind the Swords and Soldiers series and Awesomenauts. We had a very pleasant conversation with Joost van Dongen about life, the universe and everything. But mostly about our shared passion, video games! We even got to play two of Ronimo’s games; Swords & Soldiers II and Awesomenauts.

We started with Swords and Soldiers, a side scrolling strategy game. There is a single-player mode in Sword & Soldier II, but today Joost is going to show us the battle-mode.

“We have an excellent single player story as well as a great multiplayer mode for the fans of the first Swords and Soldiers. In the single player campaign, Redbeard is back to start another adventure. New enemies, new allies and new missions.”

As said earlier, we only played the battle mode. One player gets Viking side, the other gets the monsters. You have to defeat you opponent through battles, setting traps and crafting an army. Once all you’ve sufficiently decimated your opponent’s army, you can tear down the tower. And if you accomplish that, you win.

The cartoony style is really an eye catcher. It’s a game, loaded with fun and jokes and the cartoony style complements that perfectly. Swords & Soldiers II is set to be released for Q4 2014 / Q1 2015.

The other game we played was Awesomenauts. This game was released on April 3rd, 2014. It has a single and a multiplayer mode (MOBA).

“Awesomenauts is an action, strategy platformer. We keep adding new characters, changes and features. You can read about it in our Awesomenauts Vault. Playing the game is awesome (hence the name…), but it’s also chaotic, so keep an eye on everything. And may we urge you to use the shop regularly, you can really make a difference with the right gear.”

Joost’s advice was right on the mark. There are tons of enemies, coming from all directions. If you spend your money wisely in the shop you can make a huge difference. So pick a side, get ready and kill the enemies!

The meeting with Ronimo was very pleasant and truly interesting. If you want to know more about them or their games, visit their website through the link below.

Ronimo Studio Website