By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on December 3, 2015

Earlier this November, Ferry “Sadhonker” Adams told us about the great adventure called Rise of the Tomb Raider in his review. And as luck would have it, our friends at Prima Games saw in this game the perfect opportunity to create another one of their phenomenal Strategy Guide. They even created two versions: the standard guide and the Collector’s Edition guide. Being a fan of beautiful things, I really, really wanted to get my hands the Collector’s Edition… And I did!

The Rise of the Tomb Raider strategy guide tells you everything you need to know about the game and more; everything is explained down to the smallest detail. From the biggest enemies to the tiniest, hidden treasure, they’re all in there! A strategy guide can help you to be better prepared when you start a game, or help you with difficult sections of the game or those hard to find (or reach) treasures.

To me, this guide was a very big help in finding all the secret tombs, especially one pesky tomb in an abandoned Soviet Installation. I couldn’t seem to find the entrance, no matter what I did or how thoroughly I searched the surrounding area. That tomb was a hard nut to crack! So you can imagine that, after fifty rounds of searching, it is really nice to have book around that contains the answers to all your questions. As a bonus, the guide contains a code, which you can use at the website of Prima Games in order to receive a free copy of the Digital Strategy Guide. This digital edition comes in very handy from time to time, when you’re not feeling like lugging an entire book around.

The Strategy Guide starts with a little introduction. It tells us that the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider take place approximately one year after the 2013 Tomb Raider game. Lara carries a heavy burden; she struggles with the legacy of her father and how no one believed him. She’s determined to find answers.

The basics of the game are explained to you in the first ten-fifteen minutes of gameplay. This is also the first actual chapter in the Strategy Guide. It tells you how to control Lara, the functions of the main menu and how to use the in-game menus.

Now that we know the basics, it’s time for us to learn what we’re up against and what we have at our disposal to defend ourselves. Prima Games offers us a nice list of our allies and enemies. You can use their description of the tactical approach to getting close to and defeating your enemies to your advantage. To defend yourself Crystal Dynamics has come up with some familiar as well as brand new weapons, which you can upgrade during the game. The Strategy Guide tells you about all the possible upgrades. At some points you’ll have to choose between some upgrades. It can be handy to know all the possibilities before you make your choice. So choose wisely, young grasshopper.

We’re totally prepared now, so it’s time to start our adventure. A Strategy Guide wouldn’t be a Strategy Guide without a storyline walkthrough. Although the developers realize not everyone will start at the Survival difficulty, they put a useful tip especially for this difficulty level in the guide from time to time; a nice addition for the Survival Mode players among us.

I prefer to play a game on my own the first time, just to see what I accomplish without any outside help. Rise of the Tomb Raider has a lot of collectibles and it turned out to be impossible for me to find them all in my first play through. Plus, I’m curious to know how the story evolves, so I’m not patient enough to take the time and search for every little thing that the developers have hidden throughout the game. Usually, I will start backtracking and actively searching for items in a second play-through. That’s exactly where the next chapter in the guide comes into play: everything about collecting treasures.

You might already have discovered the Expedition system in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s developed so you can replay some specific sections of the game, but now you have to do it as quickly and efficient as possible. Naturally you will earn credits by completing these expeditions.

And, in order to complete the game with a 100% progression, you like to have all the achievements, don’t you? So the last, but certainly not the least chapter is about how to earn all the achievements in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Every achievement is explained in this chapter, including the best way to earn it.

So yes, I recommend this Strategy Guide to anyone who loves Rise of the Tomb Raider and likes to have something to help them on their way. Unless you read the guide completely before playing the game, it won’t spoil the fun when you use it. As always, Prima Games made an awesome Strategy Guide for an awesome game! So to both Prima Games and the developers of Rise of the Tomb Raider, I would just like to say: “Keep up the good work, I'm absolutely loving it!”

Prima Games
November 2015