By Diana (DumeeGamer) & Marcela Bovio

Every year on May 5th, we celebrate Liberation Day in the Netherlands with a music festival. For the first time in my life I saw and heard the band Stream of Passion. When I asked the singer, Marcela Bovio, for an autograph, she complimented me about my Diablo III shirt. That prompted me to interview her for

A lot of people know you from the band Stream of Passion. Your new album, A War of Our Own, launched at April 18th. That will keep you busy, I guess?

Indeed! Weíve released this album independently, which means we have a lot more responsibilities and work to do. Itís all great fun, though!

On May 5th Stream of Passion performed at the Liberationfestival (NL: Bevrijdingsfestival). I saw you there and was lucky enough to speak with you for a couple of minutes. I liked the fact that you recognize my Diablo III t-shirt. (Thanks for that, by the way...) Thus, I was wondering if you also play videogames?

Yes! I love to play videogames. Since the band keeps me very busy I donít get to spend much time gaming nowadays, but if I have a day off or some time to kill Iíll definitely do some gaming.

Do you prefer to play on a console or PC and which genres are your absolute favourite?

Back in the day I played mostly on the PC, nowadays I have an Xbox 360; used to own a Wii as well but decided to sell it. I like RPGs and adventure games the most.

If you had to put together a top 3 favorite games, which titles would it contain?

Oh boy, thatís hard! I think Iíd have to go for: Zelda, Ocarina of time; Diablo 2 and Castlevania Symphony of the Night. But I do really love pretty much every Zelda, Diablo, Starcraft and Castlevania game.

On your website I noticed that Johan (Bass player) mentioned his Wii as hobby. Do any of the other band members play videogames?

I donít think so. I think Eric owns a Wii as well, but itís mainly his daughter who uses it ?. Johan and I are actually married, so he does a lot of Xboxing nowadays too; heís a big fan of the Call of Duty series, and we both spent a whole lot of fun hours playing Far Cry 3.

When youíre on tour, is there any gaming involved? Maybe playing Guitar Hero or Rockband together?

Not really, but Iím looking into taking the Xbox with me on tour. I bet I can get a good Halo free-for-all going.

Sometimes bands collaborated on music for a game. Is that something on the Stream of Passion Bucket list?

Oh yes, I would love to! I think it we could definitely do something cool for a dark, mysterious game.

On your second album there is a song called Computer Eyes. Can you tell a little more about this song and why you chose to write it?

Well thatís actually a song written for Ayreon, by Arjen Lucassen. Since he used to be in the band we also played some Ayreon covers on our first shows; not entirely sure what the story is behind it.

On A War of Our Own, a song titled monster is about saints who are also members of a drugs cartel. In a videogame that would be a surprising plot twist, but you got this theme from Mexican drug war. How come?

I originally come from Mexico, so the drug wars is a topic that has inspired me a lot due to the consequences itís had in Mexico and its people. The song was inspired by the contradiction of some of those criminal minds: theyíre able to do very horrific things but they are also very religious and pray to the Virgin Mary and saints like Saint Death.

Which Stream of Passion song do you like best?

With every new album it changes, right now Iím especially fond of 'Monster' and 'Donít let go'.

When I saw you perform, I thought I saw you eyes sparkle when you played your violin. Would you say that you like playing the violin more as opposed to singing?

I like them both! But to be really honest, I like singing more. I have the impression I can express myself much better with my voice.

Want to know more about Marcela, Stream of Passion or their latest album? Check the official Stream of Passion website.