Yes, this is quite a moment actually. Welcome to our very first Strategy Guide review ever. And itís a doozy! For our very first strategy guide, we were lucky enough to receive Brady Gamesí guide to Naughty Dogsí survival horror extravaganza The Last of Us Remastered. So letís survive this horror!

Last week we reviewed The Last of Us Remastered on PS4. In this review, we made it pretty clear why we think this game is awesome! One of the main reasons we absolutely love this game is the story-driven campaign. The Last of Us keeps you constantly wondering what will happen next, without relenting for a second. Thatís just how good the main story line is. As you are playing through the campaign, engrossed in Joel and Ellieís adventures, youíd almost forget that thereís also a lot to collect along the way.

Firefly pendants, Ellieís favorite comic books and artifacts are just a few examples. You donít really need them to finish the game, but they are necessary if you want to complete the game at 100%. Plus, they add a little extra to the storyline through some background information. Thereís also the more necessary stuff like training manuals, tool upgrades and supplements. Youíll need these to upgrade your weapons, learn new tricks and, as Brady Games themselves put it in the strategy guide, improve your odds.

So thatís where Brady Games leant us a hand. Whatever there is to know about this game, itís in this strategy guide. It tells you where to find the collectibles, which approach best to use in different situations and all the background information youíll ever need about characters and enemies.

But when and why is it fun to use a strategy guide? Well, there are those who claim that using a strategy guide is cheating and , therefore, you arenít a REAL gamer if you use one. I say: Bollocks to that! Personally, the first time I play a game is to experience the story, the second time is to search for the collectibles I might have missed on my first run. This is where a strategy guide comes into play. I have already proven that I can beat the game without any help. So now, itís time to collect the hell out of everything the game can throw at me. This is a lot easier with a strategy guide and arguably even more fun. And if you decide to team up with a friend, it adds the element of coop. One of you reading the strategy guide and the other one playing the game, working together to complete the game.

This strategy guide is magnificent. Crisp text and graphics make this guide a high quality read. It takes you through The Last of Us Remastered and its DLC, step by step. It explains how you can make the best out of any given situation. And, as we mentioned before, it gives you detailed information about characters and enemies. For example, I always thought there were three kinds of Infected: Runners, Clickers and Bloaters. But as it turns out, thereís a fourth kind, the Stalker, which state of infection puts it somewhere between Runners and Clickers.

Staying alive in this world of Ellie and Joel is fairly challenging. You have to figure out which weapon suits you best and which approach is best for which situation. You can also download the free digital guide (download code inside of your Strategy Guide) and the Official Map App, if you prefer to use your smartphone or pad. If you like The Last of Us Remastered, you definitely wonít want to miss this strategy guide to complete the whole experience.

This 300 page Strategy Guide really takes your game further. Thatís what it says on the cover and personally I believe that is exactly what it does. Two thumbs up for Brady Games, Naughty Dog and Joel & Ellie!

The Last of Us Remastered Signature Series Strategy Guide
Brady Games
July 29, 2014