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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 1, 2016

ďTo use or not to use a strategy guide. Thatís the question!Ē, right? Well Shakespeare, maybe for you, but not for me; I think these babies are very handy indeed. The recent releases of Uncharted 4 and Doom made us, here at DumeeGamer.com, as happy as a puppy with two tails. And, as an added bonus, Prima Games also provided us with the corresponding strategy guides for both games!

Prima Games never disappoints me with their strategy guides. Theyíre always beautiful illustrated, clearly written and conveniently divided into chapters. I simply love the fact that they always are kind enough to provide you with a free code for the eGuide, when you bought the actual book. Most of the time I work together with Ferry ďSadhonkerĒAdams to go for all the collectibles in a game. One of us reads, while the other plays the game. But when I want to do that on my own, a book isnít always that convenient in use. So these are the moments where the eGuides for your smartphone or tablet is a very nifty thing to have. The cool thing about the eGuide is that, like in the regular paper guide, you can make notes! And itís better if I make notes in the eGuide, because if I did that in the actual paper guide, I think Ferry would definitely break up with me.

Uncharted 4 Strategy Guide
A short while ago, I told all you about my adventures in Uncharted 4. It was an awesome adventure and I absolutely loved every second of it. Every Uncharted fan knows about the treasures/collectables, which are scattered over the chapters. It sure pays off to leave to beaten path ,explore the environment and check every little nook and cranny for treasures. Uncharted 4 contains no less than 109 treasures for you to find. And okay, the first time I play a game, I want to see how many of these treasures I am able to find on my own. But I like to replay the game later on and then use my strategy guide to find every treasure there is to find.

To be honest, finding all the treasures is the main reason for me to have a strategy guide of any Uncharted game. The controls are quite easy and these games are not filled with all kinds of crazy bosses, for which you donít need several weapons and/or a special approach in order to defeat them. The puzzles you come across on your travels are also quite doable. With a bit of common sense and some effort, Iím sure everyone can figure out what to do and how to do it.

If youíre into the multiplayer section of Uncharted, the strategy guide is a real nice piece of help to have. It completes an already good developed multiplayer mode. But as earlier said, I think itís nice to read the information in my own steady pace, so I will read it before starting a match. And letís be honest, having a ground plan of arenas doesnít hurt, does it?

Overall, the Uncharted 4 guide is really beautiful, filled with richly detailed artwork and descriptions of the various areas and characters. If you are lucky enough to own the Collectorís Edition Strategy Guide, youíll even receive a silver-colored rendition of one of the pirate coins, featured in the game. Also, this edition of the Uncharted 4 guide comes as a hard cover, instead of the usual paperback edition. The main advantage of this is that itís more sturdy and looks a lot nicer on your book shelf!

Doom Strategy Guide
Our very own Ferry ďSadhonkerĒ Adams has already told you all about his journey through hell, playing the latest addition to the Doom universe two weeks ago. In his (not so humble) opinion, Doom is a great new reimagining of a golden oldie. For him, Doom was a piece of cake, because he played the original games till it almost literally broke down. For me, itís another case. I did play Doom in back in the 90ís, but not as much as Ferry did. (I had an actual social life ☺). So when I gave it a try, I used the guide to obtain some more information about the weapons and basics of the game. Donít get me wrong, the tutorial of Doom is great and the controls are not that hard to master or anything. But it was nice for me to have something to provide me with a little more information or just to read it again in my own quiet way.

And did you see just how much stuff is lying around in every level? Letís just put it this way: if these items were all little Pokťmon, you would have one hell of a time catching them all! That hidden extra shield could make the difference between life and death for me, but because it is hidden, itís not always easy to find. Furthermore, if you manage to spot such a Ďhidden objectí, sometimes itís not that easy to get to. The strategy guide shows you where all the collectibles are in every level and how to get to them, so you donít have to miss out on ammo, health or shield. (And of course the cute-looking marine figurines that unlock additional character models in your gallery).

The Doom Strategy Guide also tells you where all the Argent cells are, enabling you to upgrade your praetor suit much, much faster. It also gives you the locations of the additional challenges, as well as with a guide on how to best complete them. And, of course, it gives detailed information about the weapons and characters in the game and how to best defeat the tougher enemies you will come across. So yes, Prima Games really made it possible to get the most out of my game.

The hard cover Collectorís Edition of the Doom guide features exclusive artwork on the cover, as well as an amazing looking reversible dust jacket that you can put on display as it is or in a frame. Also, being a hard cover edition means that is very convenient in hand-to-hand combat, but donít tell anybody that I told you that!

To conclude this special about these two really awesome strategy guides of two very, very awesome games, I would like to advise you to all do yourselves a favor and get them from your favorite game shop or online retailer (the latter of which can be found on the Prima Games website). Without spoiling all the fun, a strategy game can help you through some of the really challenging sections of a game. And itís always nice to have a reference work, with a little more information than the game itself will offer you. So, again, do yourselves a favor and let Prima Games help you to also get the most out of your favorite games! Also, be sure to check the Prima Games website for free tips & tricks.

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May 2016