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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 4, 2017

During our visit to last year's Firstlook Festival, we witnessed firsthand the awesome concept of a company called Utomik. Utomik is best compared with Netflix, but instead of watching movies or series, you can play games. So, it's time to take a better look into this new way of playing games.

Utomik is a platform which offers you a huge library of games. They are all categorized in so-called channels. So if you like First person shooters, choose the corresponding channel and you will see all the games that Utomik has to offer in this genre. Up till now, Utomik has more than 495 games in the following channels (at the time of writing): First person shooter, Hack and Slash Action, Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Retro, Arcade, Indie, Puzzle, Kids, Platformer, Casual, World War II, Simulation, Hidden Object, Racing, Time Management, Classic and Co-op.

The concept is simple but extremely effective; you'll pay a monthly fee and after that is up to you which games you want to play. The developers of the games are getting paid depending on how many minutes subscribers play their games. So after you've registered, all the games in the library are available for play, no strings attached. How cool is that?

So what kind of games are available on the Utomik platform, I hear you ask? Well, recently they add some cool Star War titles to their library, like The Force Unleashed and Knights of the Old Republic. And what to think of the Telltale games Jurassic Park, Walking Dead and Back to the Future? Or 2K's Borderlands and THQ Nordic's Darksiders? Are you particularly interested in games made by indie developers like Daedalic Entertainment's Deponia, Blackguards and Memoria? Or maybe you are a sucker for some golden oldies like Red Faction, Sonic and Mysterious Island. Even if you like casual games like hidden object games, again, Utomik has some cool titles in store for you. Also, Utomik aims to add up to thirty games each month!

Utomik has set its sights on the largest group of gamers possible. That's why they offer so much different genres of games. There's a game on there for literally for every kind of gamer! Last weekend, I played the point and click game Return Mysterious Island, which I played ten or fifteen years ago. Sure, with the help of emulators and things like that I can play that game nowadays. But isn't it nice to just be able to access your account, click on the icon and immediately start playing the games you love? Because they understand that waiting endlessly for your game to start and because they want to make your gaming experience as seamless as possible, Utomik only downloads a small part of the game to your disk, enough to start playing quickly. The rest of the necessary data is downloaded to your PC while you're already enjoying the game. So say your goodbyes to long waiting times, updates, installations and patches. Utomik guarantees 100% original games and no video streaming.

After spending quite some time running around in Return to Mysterious Island, I decided it was time for a nice casual puzzle game. One of them is about my favorite fairytale: Alice in Wonderland. I played it for a while but then, after all that puzzling, I just wanted to shoot something. So I clicked on Borderlands and started my adventure on the planet Pandora. In short, playing games at Utomik is really as easy as one, two, three!

Utomik offers everyone a two week trial, free of charge! If that isn't nice, I don't know what is! If you don't like it, you can easily cancel your subscription. But if you want more after two weeks you can choose for the Utomik Personal plan for 1 user and pay ?5,99 per month or the Utomik Family plan for four users and pay ?9,99 per month.

As far as I'm concerned, Utomik is an ideal way for anyone who doesn't need to play all the latest games right away, just as Netflix doesn't have the latest movies at launch day. I was impressed by the large library of titles they already offer: from triple A titles to games from indie developers, from big action games to small casual games; it's all there. And Utomik does what they promise: Games are almost immediately playable and it works every time. So the only question left is: What game would you like to play today?

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