Prepare for war. Aim… hold… shoot! But now for the big question: do you prefer tanks, airplanes or ships? Take your time to think about it… we’ll just grab a beer in the meantime. Ok, that’s long enough! So what’s your answer? You don’t know?! Well, if you can’t make a decision, that’s actually no problem.

Wargaming is a game studio centered around massively multiplayer online games with a war theme. They’re known for the games World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. The last one has 8 million registered players, so yes, one might say it’s a huge success.

But now a new game looms at the horizon and World of Warships is its name. So when we were invited to see the presentation of this new game at this year’s GamesCom, we were more then willing to accept this invitation.

The first thing that catches the eye is the level of detail that went into this game. One of the developers explains that it took a year to develop one ship. So in short, Wargaming is trying to make a ship as realistic as possible. They even went as far as to send their developers on trips around the world and visit real ships. This helped them to understand how these war vessels are built and to assess their abilities. All this to try and make naval warfare in World of Warships as realistic as possible. And the result is no less than magnificent.

For example, the firing of your massive cannons takes some time between bursts. Because on a real ship cannons have to be reloaded and that takes time. Another example is when you want to turn your ship. It takes time. No battle cruisers here with a turning radius of a Ford Anglia.

You have a map at your disposal to locate your enemies and determine your battle plan. This map comes in very handy from time to time, because you’ll need to think ahead. And make sure you’re not making yourself an easy target.

Marcella Koster from Wargaming also told us about some exciting news about World of Tanks. You can play World of Tanks wherever you want. If you have an account for this game you can play it on your PC, Xbox 360, your apple device and by the end of the year on your android device.

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