By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 15, 2015

A strategy guide for a game that features an open world and a lot of side missions. The story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isnít a linear one like the story of, for example, Uncharted. How do you make a strategy guide for such an elaborate game? How are you going to keep it organized? And how do you make sure that it doesn't give away too much of the surprise?

Lucky for us, this is Prima Games weíre talking about. Theyíre in no way new to this making-a-strategy-guide-thing. When I received the package I was immediately impressed. Itís a big, hard-cover book. The reason for this book being a hard-cover becomes apparent the instant you start using it; There are so many possibilities, characters, enemies and side quests, it's near unimaginable. So yes, if you want to cover it all, youíll need a big book. But this guide is as beautiful as the game itself, so I have no problem with lugging around the extra weight.

At first this 500-page guide tells you about the various characters, the controls and gameplay. How to control Gerald, how to ride your horse Roach and how to sail a boat. And let's not forget a clear explanation as to how to use your inventory. After that we start with the story itself, at which point you will already find yourself looking at page 54. No ladies and gentlemen, no half-hearted explanation, but rather a comprehensive and detailed guide is presented here!

Prima Games made it their task to make sure they donít spoil the fun by giving away too much of the outcome of the various quests. There are spoiler warnings strewn across the entire guide, so youíll know when you need to stop reading in order to avoid knowing the outcome beforehand. In my opinion, this is very well and very useful when using the guide. When I use a strategy guide, Iíll read a large part. So I know what to do, but I tend to forget the details. So Iíll know what to do, but Iíll have to do my best to figure out the details given earlier. And just so you know, Iíll bet even if you do know whatís going to happen, it doesnít matter. The game is so great and beautiful, it will wow you anyway.

The Witcher 3 offers you a fantastic main storyline, as well as a lot of side quests. Some of these quests are simple, some of them are difficult. Not all side quests are listed in the Main story section, which I think is a good thing. Prima Games opted to tell you which of these quests are important for you to go on in order to gain enough experience to make the necessary upgrades to yourself and your gear in order to successfully continue your journey. Are you the kind of person that likes to complete every side quest available? In that case, quickly browse the Side Quests chapter; here youíll see which act of the game contains which side quests. After you find the quest, the guide gives you a step by step explanation of what to do next.

Because Iím not an experienced RPG gamer, itís nice to have something that guides you and gives you tips. Iím sure I can figure it out by myself, but this would extend the hours of gameplay significantly, and that's just not how I like to play my games. But thatís the beauty of a strategy guide, isnít it? You can use it in any way you want. This Collectorís Edition package also includes a 96-page compendium of biographical information about important people, places and legendary heroes that roam or have once roamed the world of The Witcher 3. So if you're a fan of back-story and history, please read this book! It takes you beyond the story of the game, which I think is a big plus!

I think itís obvious that Iím thrilled about this strategy guide. It tells you everything about the game and as always itís up to you how you want to use it. The design and graphics are great and its explanations straightforward and clear. For the full game experience of The Witcher 3: Wild hunt this strategy guide ,and especially the Collectorís Edition, is one guide you shouldnít miss!

Prima Games
May 19, 2015