By Diana (DumeeGamer) & Klaus Lyngeled on March 23, 2015

We met Klaus Lyngeled at Firstlook 2013. He was presenting the indie game Stick it to the Man to the audience on behalf of his game studio: Zoink Games. Stick it to the man was a colorful cross buy game for the PS3 and PS Vita. Now, one and a half year later, this title is also available for PS3, PS Vita, but also for PS4, PC, Mac and Wii U. Itís about time to speak with Klaus again, to talk about the success of Stick it to the Man, but also about other games they've created, especially their newly announced, upcoming game: Zombie Vikings.

First thing we'd like to know is if all is well with you and the people at Zoink Games. How many Zoinkers are there actually?

At the time we made Stick it to the Man, we were with a group of ten, maybe eleven people. But now we have already grown to a team of seventeen. We did a lot of great stuff andÖ actually, we still do!

I agree, I canít wait to actually play Zombie Vikings. The trailer was teasing enough to make me curious. And there are people out there who already tried out the demo during GDC and PAX. (I envy those people) Did you get a good response to the playable demo?

The audience was very excited about Zombie Vikings. You can play this game with up to four players at the same time. I think thatís when you really get the best experience out of Zombie Vikings, playing together with your friends. Either on the couch at home, or online. And if you donít have friends (who like gaming, I mean) you can always enjoy this game with other gamers online.

For those of us who either havenít played Zombie Vikings yet, or who didn't even see the trailer; can you tell us a little more about the game?

After finishing Stick it to the Man we decided it was time to do something different. We like to keep the style and humor of Stick it to the Man, but in a different setting. Thatís where the Zombie and Viking combination came up. Instead of developing only a single player mode, we came up with a cooperative mode in which you can team up with other gamers. And there is a lot of cool stuff these Zombie Vikings can do, especially when you team up with others.

Now Iím even more curious, could you give some examples please?

Every Zombie Vikings has died in a certain way, which gave them a special ability. They all lived different lives, which gives them different powers. Basically, these Zombie Vikings are trying to figure out who they were and what happened to them. When one of the players get hit too many times, his head will fall off. The other players have to fetch it and put it back on. Thatís one way to cooperate.

That all sounds great, but I have a feeling that the best is yet to come.

Well, what the audience liked to most and what really surprised them was that you can team up into an ultimate Zombie Viking Giant. I donít want to spoil it by saying too much, but it was the most favorite thing of the gamers who have played the demo, and to be honest: we at Zoink Games are happy and proud of this giant. It really adds that something extra to the game.

Great to hear, I canít wait to play the game myself. Iím also curios about the style and music in the game. That made the game really special and good, or at least that's what I thought.

Itís funny you should mention the soundtrack and music. Coincidently, we shared some Zombie Vikings music news via our Twitter account. Weíre very happy and very lucky to work with the same musician/composer that provided the soundtrack to Stick it to the Man. It will be less jazzy than the soundtrack to that game, but if you liked that soundtrack, youíre going to like this one as well.

So you guys donít write the music yourselves?

No, we write the basic story, the storyboard and develop characters, as well as the artwork. But we like to work with other talented people to create the best game we possibly can. For the cutscenes (70 minutes in total!) and dialogs in the game we collaborated with Zack Weinersmith. People maybe know him from the online web comics Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. He writes really funny stuff, which matches perfectly with the style we wanted to use.

Are there other games from the hand of Zoink Games, besides Stick it to the Man and Zombie Vikings?

Yeah, we made a couple of mobile games for iOS and Android. And we won several prices for a fun little game called WeeWaa. In this game, the player uses a stuffed animal named WaaWaa as a controller. You feed him the Wii Remote control and from that moment on, you control WaaWaaís in-game counterpart. The game never made it to the game market, but who knows what the future holds?

And what does the future hold for Zoink Games?

Well, in July 2015 we plan to release Zombie Vikings. And after thatÖ Letís just say there is something going on, but I canít tell you about it. So, letís call that 'the secret project we canít talk about...'

We would like to extend a big DumeeGamer thank you to Klaus Lyngeled for taking time out of his busy schedule and doing this interview. Here at DumeeGamer, we are thoroughly excited about the upcoming game Zombie Vikings and hope to bring you more news on this already epic game and the studio that created it.

Owner and Creative Director at Zoink Games
You can read all about Zoink Games and their products on the Zoink Games website, Facebook, Twitter, or the Zombie Vikings Website.