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Unexplored bountiful lands on the horizon. Only the boldest warchiefs sent out their bravest warriors to explore and exploit this lands full of mystery and dangers. While expanding their lands and fighting other clans, to claim the uncharted lands of Northgard, will they be tough and smart enough to survive the cold Winter?



Summer holiday is right around the corner and that means that we here at are going to enjoy a couple of weeks of well-earned vacation. To this end, we decided to throw together a top 3 that spans three weeks. But don't worry; we'lll be back before you know it! On August 10 you can expect a brand new top 3 for your viewing pleasure!

  • Cat Quest + Cat Quest II Pawsome Pack

    Get ready to be pawsome!!! Cat Quest introduces players to Felingard as they purrsue the evil Drakoth and their catnapped sister while slashing, dodging, counterattacking and using powerful magic to defeat enemies. Included in the Pawsome Pack is its long-awaited sequel Cat Quest II, which debuted two-player co-op gameplay, expanded the universe with a whole new story, unleashed dogs, revealed the Lupus Empire and much more.

    Action / Adventure
    The Gentlebros & PQube Limited
    PS4 / Switch
    July 31, 2020

  • Dying Light - Hellraid DLC

    No one knows where the strange arcade machine came from. One day the residents of the Tower just found it in the basement after an odd power outage. They took it upstairs unaware that their find is a gateway to another realm. Shake up your Dying Light experience by using this eerie device to access a completely new game mode. Step into this portal to leave the familiar streets of Harran behind... and emerge in an otherworldly stronghold overrun by servants of Hell.

    Action / RPG
    PC / PS4 / Xbox One
    July 23, 2020

  • Crysis Remastered

    What begins as a simple rescue mission becomes the battleground of a new war as alien invaders swarm over the game's island setting. Armed with a powerful Nanosuit, players must use adaptive tactics to survive and conquer. With its 2007 release, Crysis set the industry standard for first person shooters with stunning visuals, highly evolved gameplay, and an enormous sandbox world. Now, 13 years later, we can finally enjoy this masterpiece on current gen consoles!

    July 23, 2020


  • The Darkness II Hello dear readers, and welcome to another episode of the Big Red Timemachine... a very dark episode, I might add, because the lights are still out at our Big Red HQ. Well, I say "our" Big Red HQ, but I am currently all by my lonesome. You may remember me getting my shotgun in order to shoot some sense in to my wayward colleague, Dennis. But wouldn't you just know it; the guy was gone by the time I got back to the lobby where I had left him. He also took the Tiny Red Timepod with him, leaving me with no clue whatsoever as to where he fled to.

  • An interview with Tomasz "Kinai" Limpens Playing games for a job. For many of us this sounds like the ultimate dream; working in the game business or joining an eSports team and getting paid for something you love to do. But is it really as dreamy as we all think it is? To get to the bottom of this, we have the opportunity to talk with Tomasz Limpens a.k.a Kinai about his life as an eSporter!

  • Into a Dream A while ago, I played the demo of a game called Into a Dream. Now, just a few short months later, it is already time for us to check out the full version. I had fun playing the demo, so I was really anxious to see what the full game had turned out.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Welcome, dear readers, to our Big Red HQ. Now, you might notice that it is quite dark around here. I assure you, there is a perfectly logical explanation for that... if I could just think of one. Truth is, I don't know what happened. One minute, I was happily working away at my latest super-secret project which is aimed at making our lives here at the Big Red HQ quite a lot easier and indefinitely more fun, and the next... nothing but darkness and silence.

  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sometimes a game is so surprisingly good, that you cannot help but wonder why you didn't play them earlier! During the Corona period, I took the opportunity to make the most out of the sales going on in several online game stores and spend some extra money on games. So, PlayStation had a very nice sale during Corona times and I finally bought a game that I've had my eye on for quite a while.

  • Dungeons III - Complete Collection In real life, we are required to behave a certain way. To hold our tongue and be polite. We keep in certain outrageous emotions and keep ourselves in check. Why? Why should we not hit that annoying kid in the supermarket? Why not kick that awful co-worker in the butt. But no, we're required to watch what we say so as to not offend or hurt someone else's incredibly sensitive feelings. But there's good news everyone! After having to keep our temper in check in the real world, we can now be bad... with the Dungeons III Complete Collection. And believe me; it is wonderful to be bad.

  • Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Isle of Armor DLC The first of the two eagerly awaited DLC expansions for Pokémon Sword & Shield has finally arrived, so let's continue our journey in the Galar region as we travel to the Isle of Armor!

  • Goldeneye 007 Hmmm, something seems to be changing... It feels kinda off. I can't put my finger on it but, to stay in-theme with the last Big Red Timemachine voyage you guys took: "There is a disturbance in the force". This will need investigating. Not right now, however, because there are far more important matters to deal with at this time.

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Now, Star Wars has been popular ever since it first came out all the way back in theaters back in 1977. During the decades that followed, a number of Star Wars games were made for various systems, ranging from flight simulators to fully fledged first person shooters. It would, however, take until 2009 for a true Star Wars action-adventure game to be released...