Ever since Pluto lost its status as a planet, I feel kinda lost. Like what is the purpose in life without Pluto, what are we all doing stuff for? So, I got very excited when 999 Games needed some good people who wanted to become an Astronaut, for a space expedition to the edge of our solar system in search for the mysterious Planet Nine.

Will I, together with my intrepid crew, brave every danger we come across during our voyage, or will we end up drifting aimlessly amonst the stars? Let's find out, shall we...?



  • Serious Sam 4:
    Planet Badass

    Humanity is under siege as the full force of Mental's hordes spread across the world, ravaging what remains of a broken and beaten civilization. The last remaining resistance to the invasion is the Earth Defense Force led by Sam "Serious" Stone and his heavily-armed squad of misfit commandos. Croteam returns with a high-powered prequel to the Serious Sam series that scales up chaos to unprecedented levels...

    Croteam & Devolver Digital
    September 24, 2020

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition

    Relive part one of the Mafia crime saga, set in 1930's, Lost Heaven, Illinois. Re-made from the ground up with a new game engine, an updated script, new cutscenes, additional gameplay sequences, and more, you'll rise through the ranks of the Italian Mafia during the Prohibition era of organized crime. After a run-in with the mob, cab driver Tommy Angelo is thrust into a deadly underworld.

    Action / Adventure
    Hangar 13 & 2K
    PC / PS4 / Xbox One
    September 25, 2020

  • Trollhunters:
    Defenders of Arcadia

    Jump into the world of Trollhunters as Jim Lake Jr. to stop Porgon the Trickster Troll and his sneaky plans! Team up with Claire in couch co-op and also get a helping hand from lots more loved characters to face unknown evil forces and help stop the Time-pocalypse! Upgrade your armour and boost your abilities to become more powerful than ever. The fate of the universe is in your hands!

    Action / Adventure
    Bandai Namco & Outright Games
    PC / PS4 / Switch / Xbox One
    September 25, 2020


  • Tamarin As soon as I see a cute animal, I immediately fall in love with it. So when I saw the cute and cuddly looking protagonist of a new game called Tamarin, I couldn't resist. It was love at first sight!

  • Metal Gear Solid Welcome my friends, to another episode of the Big Red Timemachine. I must urge you to be very, very quiet if you value your own life. So, what am I doing hiding away in this dusty ventilation duct? Well, I'm trying to save my skin, actually. You see, all of a sudden, Dennis' butler, Jeeves, has returned, quite inexplicably I might add, to our Big Red HQ. At first it seemed fine, but I'm on to him now...

  • Fantastic Factories When a board game launches on a crowdfunding platform, with some of your favorite mechanics, a theme and artwork that looks good, is reasonable priced and above all, it is coming from an indie publisher, what else can you do then to support them at an early stage? So that's what I did and, after the game was delivered and stood a while on the shelf of discovery, it was time to build some Fantastic Factories!

  • Juiced! Now, our very own Ferry and Dennis have more than enough experience with travelling in strange machines, as you can read in our monthly updates in the category Big Red Time Machine. Personally, I travelled with said Timemachine once or twice but not that much. But that doesn't stop me to jump into a space ship and travel to the strange world of the 2D platform game Juiced!

  • Surgeon Simulator 2 Sometimes you see a title and you are not sure what to expect, but you hear yourself think: "Hey, just for the hell of it, let's play it!" This was also the case with Surgeon Simulator 2. Plus, the first Surgeon Simulator was one of those titles I already saw a couple of times while watching streamers/Youtubers playing it and having lots of fun.

  • WRC 9 Now, what could possibly be more fun than racing fast cars? Exactly! Racing fast cars on dirt and snow! World Rally Championship 9, developed by Kylotonn and published by Bigben Interactive, lets you do just that! So, did they manage to recreate the fast paced and aggressive racing called rallying? Let's find out!

  • Super Metroid Welcome back dear readers, to this place that was, until recently, known as the greatest place on earth. As you might notice it is I, CallMeBackdraft, again. Sadly, Sadhonker is still out of commission as his current whereabouts are unknown to both me and our butler Jeeves. Last we saw of him, me and Jeeves where having a talk about how to handle Sadhonker's new... less then stellar mental state and apparently he overheard us and our plans must have scared him...

  • UK Game Expo 2020 It's the year 2020 and we are all facing a global pandemic. Unfortunately, this caused all the conventions we normally like to go to, to either get cancelled or get a virtual equivalent. Well, to be honest, until this weekend, I wouldn't even thought of attending such an online event, but I already played a few games using the new technologies and it really ain't half bad!

  • Dying Light: Hellraid Dying light, the awesome parcour-running and zombie-killing adventure in Harran, has to be one of my all-time favorite games. I love a good story, especially when said story is set in a post-apocalyptic-like setting in which I can shoot loads and loads of zombies. Luckily, Dying Light offers me exactly that. But wait; the fun doesn't stop there!