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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 23, 2018

Monday April 9 2018 was a very exciting day, because I was lucky enough to be invited to the press presentation of Quantic Dream's upcoming game Detroit: Become Human. I'm so looking forward to this game, because I love a good story, especially when it involves a lot of decision making. During this presentation a development trailer was shown, I was able to interview Adam Williams, Lead Writer of the game and spend two hours playing Detroit: Become Human! See? I told you it was an exciting day!

While waiting for the presentation to start there was music playing and I immediately thought: "If this is part of the soundtrack, this game is going to be amazing." It's funny how only the soundtrack can give you that idea. Adam Williams entered the stage and he told us about a couple of Detroit: Become Human's most excellent features.

Detroit: Become human is developed because of the "Kara" cutscene, which was originally meant to be only a demo to show off the capability of a new game engine. But people kept asking what happened to the character Kara in this demo and that resulted in the game that we all know by now as Detroit: Become Human. The keyword for the team while developing Detroit: Become Human is "immersion". The team really aims for an intense experience in which you'll feel connected to the main characters and can easily identify yourself with them. So the results and consequences of the choices you'll make during the game will say a lot about your personality as well.

One of the remarkable features is the flowchart shown after every scene you play, which will show you the outcome of your choices. You can choose to replay certain parts to change the story, but that also will have consequences. I asked Adam Williams about this feature because I thought it sounded a bit like cheating, right? Adam: "It's a feature we like to offer, because we don't want people to be unhappy with the outcome of a decision they made. This game doesn't have a good and bad ending, which also goes for the outcomes of the choices you make. We didn't want players to get stuck with choices they made until the end of the game, or that they would need to start all over again to choose another approach. Playing certain parts again does have the consequence that your progress will be overwritten, however."

Detroit: Become Human is set in the city of Detroit in the year 2038. There are three main characters and during the game you will meet and control all three of them. Of course android Kara is in there and her main goal is to take and protect a human child. The second character is android Marcus and he will become the leader of the rebel group of the androids, called the Defiants. And last but not least we have Connor, a hyper advanced android, who is designed and programmed to seek out and destroy the Defiant androids.

I was wondering why there were no human playable characters, because Adam explained they wanted to show different sides of the story. Adam: "Many games choose to let you experience the story of a human, whether it is a soldier, an adventurer or even a bad guy. We wanted to let players experience the android side of this story. By taking the role of the androids you will feel the oppression, the obedience and the confusion when it comes to their relation to humans. In one scene an android discovered that he will be replaced by a newer type. The humans are excited about it, it's like getting a new smartphone. But the android feels betrayed."

In terms of development the team has really worked very hard to offer you the best of the best. Shooting movement footage took almost two years, including facial expressions. The developers paid extra attention to the eyes, because you can have realistic movements and facial expressions, but if the eyes are "dead", the character just feels fake. And I can already say they did a good job on this end, because in the top menu of the game you'll see the face of a woman looking to the options you can select and from time to time, she'll be looking at you directly. And yes, it really feels like she's looking at you, it's almost scary!

During the presentation I was wondering how this game would be any different from Beyond: Two Souls and movies like I, Robot. But as soon as I had played half an hour, I was knew this would be a whole new and different kind of story. As Conner, you'll get a lot of opportunities to examine and investigate situations. He can reconstruct events be collecting evidence. Kara will be revisiting her former owners, after she has been reset because she had some kind of accident. And Marcus is a nurse for an old artist and he is encouraged to think for himself and create free will.

After the presentation, the interview and getting hands-on with the game, I'm convinced that everyone who likes a good story, including decision making, is going to love Detroit: Become Human. Right from the start, you'll feel that this is going to be intense, emotional and mind blowing. Plus it looks ridiculously good! If you have a PS4, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know about you, but I'm officially hyped!

If you would like to take a look at a "Making of" video of Detroit: Become Human, then please click here.

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release date: May 25, 2018 (PS4)