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On the 5th and 6th of July 2014, the very first Edition of EpiCon took place, The EpiCon Summer 2014. EpiCon is a gaming / comic / cosplay... Well, in short, it's an event combining all the things we like! It is organized by Media Tornado, and, although this is the first edition, it's already split up in two parts; The aforementioned Summer Edition and a Winter Edition, which is set to take place in December of this year. DumeeGamer.com was lucky enough to visit the Summer Edition.

As we entered the convention hall, a couple of nice booths caught our eye. Among them, a giant Warner Bros. flag, a nicely decorated Transformers booth and a 2K logo were fighting for our attention. Although EpiCon is not quite as huge as one may have thought, they seem to have their priorities well in order. There were all kinds of games to play and contests to enter. Warner Bros. had set up a ring of consoles on which you could play LEGO batman and Mortal Kombat. You could even sign up for a Mortal Kombat tournament and win a Collector's Edition Mortal Kombat game for the Xbox 360.

To cater to the retro gamers' tastes, Magix Buttons was present. If you want to buy retro games or consoles, their booth was the place to be. They even had some good old arcade games for retro fans to try out. And if you brought your own buried retro treasures, their staff could give you an appraisal of what it might be worth.

MSI was present to show us all their cool new stuff. It was a little dangerous to visit this stand, because of the goodies they were throwing. So if you're a good catcher (or if you were lucky enough to be wearing a helmet...) you could walk away the proud owner of a stress-ball, puzzles or a Wolfenstein: The New Order T-shirt. EpiCon had a scoop, because MSI presented their newest gaming laptop; the GT72. We will, however, have to wait for the official announcement to find out the exact specifications and price ranges, but it's always good to introduce your newest showpiece to a big crowd.

It's not unusual to see cosplayers at conventions or events. But the amount of cosplayers present at EpiCon was absolutely outstanding. Their being there, I thought helped to bring a pleasant atmosphere to the event. The EpiCon staff must have thought the same, and asked The Dutch Garirison of the 501st Legion to liven up this first edition of EpiCon. And that meant a lot of Star Wars figures were accounted for. But not only Star Wars, Lord of the rings and Game of thrones were also present, along with numerous characters from all your favorite games and movies. Game of Thrones fans were to be found at the back of the hall, where House of Wax built two camps and gave a Straks and Lannisters show twice a day. And of course you could take your rightful place as ruler of EpiCon on the iron throne yourself. You had to wait in line though, seems a lot of people want to be king.

For the brave ones among us EpiCon provided a zombie challenge, a zombie infested obstacle course in the dark. Armed with only a nerf-gun, just you against the zombies. We spoke with Nathalie, Liz, Chris and Dylan who felt brave enough to accept this challenge.

'Everyone should try this. It's exciting and the zombies look realistic. You get a Nerf-gun to protect you. If you hit a zombie, it falls to the floor, and lies ‘dead 'for 20 seconds, so you can escape. Then again, you can't just go shoot everything that moves, because you only get five arrows. You could search for more ammo scattered about the course, but it's dark in there. So, yeah, it's challenging, but above all, a lot of fun.'

There were several upcoming games set up throughout the hall, so you could try them out for yourself. Among them were:
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Transformers Universe
Borderlands: PreSequel
Guns, Gore and Cannoli
Roche Fusion

And what would an event be without merchandise? We spotted a couple of extra ordinary stands.

Le Reliquaire specializes in movie merchandise, mostly concerning movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Batman. They have wands, jewelry, pipes, emblems and much more.

How cool would it be to actually own the weapons of your favorite game hero and hold them in the palm of your hand? We saw God Of War's Blades of Chaos in real life for the first time and could barely contain ourselves. Fabion has it all.

Gator has two shops in Nijmegen (NL) filled with toys, figurines, T-shirts, etc. All about games and films.

All the way from Paris, France orient made its way to EpiCon. They're specialized in products, originating in Japan. A great assortment of kimono's, swords and lucky cats awaits you.

Gino van Hecke is distributor of DVD's. He released his first movie The Tiger Blade in 2006 and that led him to start his own company, Zeno Pictures. Since then, Zeno Pictures has released not only a lot of (almost-) forgotten cult films, but also other unique pictures and worldwide (cult) hits. At events like EpiCon he always brings some special collector's items to present.

I really like the T-shirts that Dirtees has for sale. Their shirts are a bit different from the your run of the mill shirts for sale here in the Netherlands. Inspired by iconic comic heroes of all times and always for a nice price.

Four people who shared a keen interest for Anime put their heads together. They soon discovered that there were a lot more more people like them who loved Anime and soon the idea to make a magazine about it was born. This magazine, AniWay appears four times a year and is currently in its 14th year of publication. In these past 14 years the group of four has expanded, and now consists of 48 hard working members. To be able to bring the hottest Anime news right to you, they also started up a blog AniDay.

Dark Dragon Books is a publisher of comic books. They have offer a huge collection of comics about all your favorite games and fantasy stories. Tomb Raider, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones and many, many more. DumeeGamer.com had the honor of speaking with Amin Gemei, Founder of Dark Dragon Books. In this interview we focused mainly on the comics about games.

We'll wrap things up by saying that EpiCon really is a great event to visit. Because it isn't that huge, it gives you the time to try out the things you like most. Furthermore, there were some unique merchandise stands and activities. It's the games, the people, the time and effort that went into planning this event that really puts the EPIC in EPICON. So in short; We at DumeeGamer.com are already excited for the Winter Edition. See you there!