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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee and Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on July 3, 2019

Since 2010, for one whole day per year, the city of Utrecht is THE indie game center of the Netherlands. Why, I hear you ask. Well, because each year Indigo, a very cool game event centered around indie games, is being held. Those among us with good math skills will have instantly realized that 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of this awesome event. For the first time ever, due to the ever-growing popularity of Indigo, visitors needed to order their tickets which, in return, gave them access to three different areas.

You could talk with the experts of the industry in the xConnect area, attend inspirational talks about several subjects in the xTalk area and, as you might suspect, get the opportunity to play upcoming indie games in the XDiscover area. Coincidentally, that last area is exactly where you could find Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" and myself (Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee). There was a lot to see and to do, but here are the highlights of what we discovered during Indigo 2019:

30 Birds by RamRamGames
30 Birds is a mysterious 2D adventure point and click/puzzle game by Ramram games. You play as Ziggurat, a girl who is on a holiday and just got off the train wanting to spent her time exploring the city. But when she realizes she has lost her phone, she quickly asks for help. This is when she notices that there is something strange going on. The people don't seem to be much help, so she goes off exploring on her own. Ziggurat ends up rescuing a beautiful bird, who turns out to be Simurgh, queen of all birds. The goal of the game is to find all of the 30 missing birds by completing various artistic puzzles. The game is set inside multiple Persian miniatures, depicting various topics about corruption and Persian folklore. The game, as a whole, already looks like a true work of art. You can walk around on the paintings, which are built on giant lanterns, so when you turn the corner you switch to a new painting on the next side of the lantern. 30 Birds is beautifully crafted and I look forward seeing more of it in the near future. If you want to know more about this game, check out the 30 Birds website!

Dynasty Duels by Gamebasics
One of the first stands Diana visited was the one of Gamebasics. You might know their previous game OSM, which stands for Online Soccer Management. The game that Gamebasics brought to Indigo 2019 is something very different and goes by the name of Dynasty Duels. The basics of this game are pretty simple; two players (player vs game) have their own area in which they can build all kinds of settlements which, in turn, can "produce" characters. These characters can either collect ore for you, which you need to build additional settlement and buy new characters, or they will fight. Defend your own base and if everything is safe in your area, attack the other player. The fighting characters are either melee characters or ranged characters that wield a bow and arrow. What makes this game stand out are the cartoon-like characters. You will encounter a half-wrapped mummy, a tough looking goat in armor and even a skeleton in a barrel. If you managed to win the battle during Indigo, you'd go home with a T-shirt with one of these looney creatures on it. Well, I fought bravely. and died bravely. But for all this bravery I was kindly granted a nice T-shirt as well. If you like to know more about this game, please visit the official Gamebasics website.

The White Door & ... by Rusty Lake
I visited the Rusty Lake stand, which is always awesome, because I'm a big fan of their games. During Indigo 2019, Rusty Lake was present with two brand new upcoming games. One of them was The White Door, in which you, as the protagonist, wake up in a hospital with absolutely no memory of who you are and what happened to you. While exploring your room, you will discover a schedule for the day. After the day is done, you will go to sleep and while sleeping you restore some of you memories. The design of the game immediately caught my eye, mainly because the game is entirely in black and white. And then for the second game I played at the Rusty Lake booth, of which I totally forgot the title. It's not announced on their website either, so I couldn't find it there. (that'll teach me not to take notes) But it's so cool! Normally, with the games in the Cube Escape series, your objective was to get out of the room and solve numerous puzzles to do so. But this time, the puzzles are on the outside of the cube. So you'll need to turn the cube around and around and solve every bit of puzzle there is. One thing is for sure, The guys of Rusty Lake have some awesome stuff for us in store! If you'd like to know more about this game, please visit the official Rusty Lake website.

Rosa's Garden by Charlotte Madelon
Rosa's Garden is a game created by Charlotte Madelon. In Rosa's Garden, you can plant your own flowers and create your very own beautiful rose garden. You can collect seeds by picking flowers, and even mix two flowers together to create a brand new species. There are over 40 different flowers to create in this relaxing zen-like game. With each flower you create, there is a small story about some of the famous women that have lived, paying a small tribute to their names. I don't know if anyone happens to recall the DS Streetpass game Flowertown? I loved playing this, but since there aren't that many people who use Streetpass I gave up on it. But Rosa's Garden reminds me so much of this game, I would love playing this game at home! If you want to know more about this game, check out Charlotte Madelon's website!

Herald by Wispfire
It's been a while since I've played the first two books of Herald. I love that point and click game, so it will come as no surprise that I was very happy to discover this game in the line-up of this year's Indigo. The story will continue and the developers are working very hard to bring you the final two books. Will protagonist Devan reveal his complete story to Rani, the mysterious woman who wants to know every detail of Devan's journey on board of the ship? And how will that story continue? During Indigo book 3 was playable and everything looks as nice and cosy as I remember and I for one, can't wait to play the full game! If you like to know more about this game, please visit the official Herald website.

Lake by Gamious
It's cool to follow a game over the course of its development and Lake is one of those games which I loved to see again. During last year's edition of Indigo, I got to get hands on with Lake, and thought it was already impressive. In this game, you take the role of Meredith Weiss, who returns to her hometown after many years of being away. She's in her forties now and she got herself a job as mailwoman. Compared to last year, this year's Lake demo has more story to it. When you start playing there is an actual introduction and tutorial now. The thing that stands out the most was the facial details of the characters now, they can express their feelings and meaning way better than last year. But wait, there is more to come! For instance: voice-acting and the developer is also playing with the idea of introducing challenges such as delivering letters and packages within a certain time limit. But, in essence, Lake is still a game to relax with and with the main goal of enjoying a good story. If you like to know more about this game, please visit the official Lake website.

Escalation 1985 by Icebreaker Interactive
What would it be like it the Cold War had gone hot. In this realistic online tactical first-person Shooter, you team up with other players against the enemy. There are two teams of 50 players, each divided into smaller squads. A lot of thought went into the design of the world and the weapons. Even tiny details, such as a tiny spring placed in the gun that reacts when its triggered, or realistic scenery that had been generated by using real life photos as an example, help create a realistic depiction of this alternate reality. Escalation 1985 looks like a real winner when it comes right down to it. Sadly, when Diana played the game, there was no one to play against, but the way it looked was already amazing! A beautifully created world with an eye for so much detail. Play together with your friends in the same squad, or fight against each other in this online shooter. If you want to know more about this game, check out the Escalation 1985 website!

Sparky, My Teddy Is Alive by WindTales
Every year, Indigo features at least one game that is not only about entertainment, but also aims to fulfill a good cause. I'm always looking forward to see that specific game and meet the developer. This year, we met the cool people of Windtales, who have created a game, tailored to young asthma patients. As you might know, asthma patients needs to do all kinds of breathing tests and they can be hard to understand and tedious when they need to be performed by toddlers and preschool children in particular. So, Windtales came up with stuffed animal called Sparky, who will play all kinds of mini games together with the kids and teaches them how to breathe consciously in a playful way and prepares them to perform a good lung function test at home. If you'd like to know more about this project, please visit the official Sparky website.

We Were Together by Total Mayhem Games
We Were Here is a cooperative adventure game game, created by Total Mayhem Games. In We Were Here and its sequel, We Were Here Too, two players will have to escape their current surroundings and find a way out by solving puzzles. We Were Here Together serves as a kind of prequel to these games and gets into the "Why are we here in the first place and who locked us in?" portion of the story. As in the previous two games, two players will have to team up to find their way out. Collect items might be useful later on, communicate via the radio transmitters and work together to complete the puzzles. The atmosphere is amazing, like walking inside the Myst games. Puzzles, point and click mechanics, mysteries. what more does one need? If you want to know more about this game, check out the Total Mayhem Games website!

The Falconeer by Tomas Sala
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a bad-ass bird? Well, here's your chance! The Falconeer, created by Tomas Sala, lets you ride your battle bird into the fray. You can choose a faction and fight against the enemies, as a bird! In this third-person open world game you soar through the air, looking for a fight. As you grow stronger, you are able to customize and upgrade your bird with new weapons and new armour. You can also use the wind to your advantage, as you can fly through a storm to fly faster! Along the way, there are many enemies to watch out for. Not only will you have to fight other falconers and their battle birds, but also flying beetles and even large airships! The idea is that, when your bird dies, a new playthrough unlocks, creating new stories and worlds to explore. So take to the skies and feel free like a bird, while slaying some enemies along the way. If you want to know more about this game, check out the Falconeer website!

All in all, we can only come to the conclusion that the tenth edition of Indigo was, once again, truly amazing! We had an absolute blast during our time there and would like to extend a huge DumeeGamer thanks to everybody that took the time to show us their game. Now, dear readers, I don't know about you, but I can tell you that Dyllis and I are already looking forward to Indigo 2020!

Indigo Website
July 28, 2019 - Utrecht, The Netherlands