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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on November 11, 2020

For the last game of our first day of Spiel, we played one I highly anticipated and thank god, it didn't disappoint. Returning readers of my Spiel coverage, may have noticed my predilection for games with an ecological or nature theme. Yes, ladies and gentleman, our last game of the Thursday was a game I already mentioned in my Most Wanted blog and... bla di bla...

Oh wait, I think I hear someone shouting: "JUST SAY IT ALREADY!"

Okay, okay, hold your horses! The game I'm talking about is Renature.

It kind of took me the whole day before I found a table with someone to explain the game to us. Now, this was my own fault, because I had been checking in at an empty table. Happily ever after, Nina was there to help us out and explained us this majority game which can be described as Dominos on steroids. We had to put tiles on a board with matching illustrations adjacent to one another, while planting Turf and Bushes and other plant thingies to score your points. The explanation was awesome and so was the game!

Renature is designed by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer and originally published by Deep Print Games. Distribution is done by its partner Pegasus Spiele and that is where I also preordered this bad boy. Another game highly rated on my Most Wanted list is also distributed by Pegasus Spiele and is called Bonfire. This game comes from the great mind of Stefan Feld.

On Friday evening we arranged a little get together with some friends I met over the past years at the physical Spiel and wanted to try the Spiel.Digital experience together. One of them hails from Germany, while the other comes from South Africa. After a fun little chat, we decided to play Bonfire.

In Bonfire, gnomes are trying to light the mystical Bonfire to bring light to their dark planet. You do this by doing a whole lot of things on the board to get your engine working on your player board and set that thing on fire! Pro-tip from a Feld disciple who couldn't join the game: Traveling is difficult, but you have to do it to get your Guardians and keep an eye on those Novices as they trigger the end game!

We actually didn't finish the game. To be honest we mostly chatted a lot and enjoyed our time together. Realizing that it was our first time playing a game with the three of us, as we normally only meet at the Fritzpatrick's Irish Pub and talk about board games. This year, we had to pour our own Guinness and although it's not as good as a draft, it still tastes great! Compare it to spending time online at Spiel.Digital with awesome people; it may not be the same as meeting them in person, but it's still awesome when you get together and enjoy each other's company!

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