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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on September 25, 2019

The story of Anno 1800 unfolds in surprising ways. This game just keeps getting better and better with every DLC released. I was just getting myself into upgrading my farm folk while getting on with my quest to search for the missing queen and, with that, explore a whole new continent riddled with sunken treasures. I have put hours and hours into this game because I absolutely love it and it deserves nothing less than my undivided attention.

Maybe some of you don't know the Anno series (which I can't image, but okay). Anno is a series of city building games in which you aim to build a thriving society and gather riches along the way. It's not just any city building game though. It's a spectacular looking building experience in which absolutely everything seems possible. Not only will you have to manage your resources, but you'll also have to make sure that you can keep up with your rivals that have plans of their own which, incidentally, go along the same lines as yours do: conquer the world and become the biggest, most badass city on the proverbial block. So upgrade your town, get massive resources from different islands and create an army that can slay any rival you encounter like pirates and such.

The last time we spoke about Anno 1800, I had just played the Sunken Treasures DLC, in which we had to explore a massive new island, filled with an exciting new expedition and sunken boats we could harvest in order to find hidden treasure formerly lost on the ocean floor. The new DLC for Anno 1800, Botanica, steers us in a completely different direction. This time, it's not about sunken treasure, but city beautification! Anyone in the mood for building a sprawling botanical garden, filled with amazing flowers, winding pathways and majestic statues? No problem; the Botanica DLC has got you thoroughly covered! This expansion not only makes your town even more beautiful than it already was, it also gives you the opportunity to switch to a first person mode and take a leisurely stroll through all the cool things you have created in your town.

If you play your cards right (and plant your flowers right, of course), your inhabitants have reason to rejoice and grow ever happier. The math is simple; the prettier the town, the more people that will want to live there. And more people will mean more revenue which, in turn, can be used to expand your town even further. It's just good business all around! The botanical gardens and new assets really look amazing and add a huge batch of new items to the game. For instance, There are fifty-nine new species of flowers and plants to collect as well as a new music pavilion with all sorts of old music that will be played. Now, these are but two examples of all the goodness this DLC has to offer. Trust me; there's much, much more to discover.

It's nowhere near being an easy task to keep all you inhabitants happy, but the game's difficulty increases at a steady pace, giving you the chance to learn about every aspect of the game without rushing into things that will obliterate your hopes of building the most beautiful town around. Just pay attention and keep an eye on your stats and, before you know it, you will be swimming in riches and trading your common resources for more uncommon ones like it's nobody's business.

I can only say how much I love playing Anno 1800. It's one of those games that you would just keep recommending to every gamer you know. I, for one, am sure that if you enjoy playing city builders then this game is a definite must for you and you should really try it out. Not only will you be getting a city builder game, you will actually be getting what might just be the best builder game of 2019!

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September 10, 2019