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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on August 2, 2019

Before I do anything else, I would like to ask the good people working at Ubisoft a question: "Guys... you are releasing so much epic content at the moment, how do you expect me to ever get some sleep?!" At the moment, the most played games in my library are definitely Ubisoft games. But, being the unbiased reviewer I am, for this review I will stay focused on the goal and that is to approach Anno 1800 with an open mind.

Anno 1800 is the latest instalment in the nowadays exceptionally well-known strategy and city building simulation game series. As one might suspect from a game in this genre, you start out with a very limited amount of resources and set out to build a veritable empire. In the case of Anno 1800, you start off on a large island in the middle of the ocean. First order of business is establishing your very first settlement, a village if you will. Of course, we're going to start off small, but we'll need shelter for the inhabitants of our town, who are mostly farmers, so off we go! As our little settlement grows and grows, we are able to upgrade our farmers to workers. But not too fast, please!

I mean, come on; we are playing a city building simulation game here, not a Formula 1 game, so not everything revolves around speed! The purpose of games like Anno 1800, in my humble opinion, is to see your settlement slowly grow into a city and thoroughly enjoy seeing it do so. The fun in these games is to be had by going slowly and taking your time. When you've recruited your very first inhabitants (the aforementioned farmers), you will notice that everything will start unlocking at a gradual pace. There is really no need to hurry in Anno, so take your time and think about what steps to take next!

As your city expands you can take your time to enjoy the view and of course be sure to explore the neighbouring islands, seeing as how this might help your own settlement along. Now, the people that inhabit these islands may well be friendly companions or they can be your worst enemies and are in dire need of a good swift kicking of their backsides! Do they turn out to be friendly after all? Then make sure to give them compliments or close a trade agreement with them so you can trade your stock goods with them. Are they hostile? Well, the proverbial hefty boot to the unmentionables will take care of them in no time flat!

Back to building stuff! To erect the first houses you'll need of ground resources like wood, so you can recruit a wood cutter and of course build a sawmill to cut this wood into planks. People also need food, so build them wheat farms and such to then turn it into nice bread! As you keep fulfilling your inhabitants' needs like this, pretty soon, they can be upgraded to a higher rank. As each rank unlocks, you will have the opportunity to build more houses, adding more and more luxury to your city and teach your inhabitants by building a school. Keep this up and you'll see your city expand and expand! Anno 1800 is absolutely packed with options like this. And you are a true city owner if you can keep all those options in balance. I really couldn't imagine the game getting any better than it already was. I'm building my own colonial empire and thoroughly enjoying every step of it!

Now, on top of all this building awesomeness, there's a new challenge on the horizon. Ubisoft just released the Sunken treasure DLC, in which we set out to rescue a missing queen and dive for legendary treasures. This DLC provides us with a new ship that can be used to search for these treasures in open waters. The treasures can be exchanged with Old Nate for some of his latest new inventions. The Sunken Treasures DLC also comes with a brand new island, Trelawney, providing us with a plethora of resources to farm and a lot of space to build a brand new town on. The island itself looks amazing and has a great atmosphere.

This is why I had to rectify my previous statement because, as interesting as the base game is, this expansion makes it even better! I would greatly suggest you guys and girls play Anno 1800 and especially its new DLC, seeing as how it's a whole new adventure, all on its own! The game looks great, has more than enough challenges for you to overcome and is, above all, great fun to play! There is just something deeply rewarding about seeing your town slowly growing into a bustling city. Well, that's it for me today; I'm off now. I've got a city to run and expand!

available on:

April 16, 2019 (Anno 1800)
August 1, 2019 (Sunken Treasures DLC)