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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on November 17, 2017

Let's start a bit of the negative and a bit of the positive. As I am writing this review a LOT is going on with Star Wars battlefront 2. Hard-core fans and new players of the series are complaining about the loot box system that is integrated in the game. They are saying that it's a shame that they have to buy a game for about 60 euro, and then have to buy loot crates or grind for 40 hours (which will be reduced to 10 hours, I believe) to unlock the special main characters like Darth Vader.

But if you stop and think about it, what do you believe all this development and creating all this new DLC (that you will get for free) costs? Yeah, a lot! So I choose not to complain and just enjoy the game. That is what games are made for anyway, aren't they? Another big thing was a post on Reddit that had the most down votes in the history of Reddit. The internet exploded with negative posts about this game. This made me even more hyped to start playing it to be honest, because yes I am a fan myself!

Star Wars battlefront 2 is a new game created by Dice and published by EA. The intro of the single player mode lets you get familiar with the controls and our hero Iden versio. She is the commander of the special forces unit Inferno Squad. Your hero feels powerful, and as you progress in the intro of the game you will unlock special ability's. These can be used with the shoulder buttons on the controller. Upgrades are also possible by using special ability cards called star cards that can be insert into a weapon slot, so you will feel even more powerful. They are obtainable via loot crates.

The graphics are really impressive! Characters feel like the real deal and the sound is Star Wars in the fullest. I was pulled into the game really fast compared to some other games of the same genre. I soon realize that this is a hit. There are some epic moments when sprinting with your team mates, and are accompanied by a strong big walker. You grab your blaster and while your hiding, scanning the environment for enemy's, scouting them, you locate your target and boom headshot! It just feels like you're an important part of the Star Wars universe.

The game is jam packed with content and I don't believe that I will get somehow bored anytime soon. Dice did a great job here compared to the previous battlefront that kind of lacked the content to keep people entertained. I felt myself pulled into the game more and more, and then came a big plot twist in the story! Find out yourself how the story progresses but I felt kind of sad for Iden Versio. The story for me as a fan has pulled me back in to enjoy Star Wars once more and I'm hooked all over again!

The multiplayer mode in battlefront 2: I wasn't sure what to expect there, but next to a great story mode the multiplayer doesn't disappoint either! The controls have a good feel to it and the smooth auto correction while shooting is nice for experienced and beginning players. As you get more kill points and take over or defend objectives, you will earn more experience. This will let you upgrade your character, vehicles and weapons. There are many online mode to pick from land battles to in space flight battle.

It feels amazing to run into the field with your team mates and try to take out the enemy team with your blasters, rockets, grenades, scanners and multiple choices of vehicles. I love the tie fighter, but well that is my personal favourite. Even the blasters sound is perfect. I think this the best Star Wars flight sim to date. The maps have diversity enough, and for my feeling you don't even need to buy those loot boxes at all. My own plan is to just keep playing the game without buying any boxes until I maybe one day change my mind. For now, just play this awesome game, and take a part in the Star Wars universe in one of the most talked about games of the year!

My conclusion of Battlefront 2: Because of the great graphics, great sounds, the progression in single and multiplayer mode and friendly learning curve, I would suggest this shooter to new players of the Star Wars genre and hard-core fans. The single player matches the multiplayer, and the ambience is perfect. I noticed a few bugs like flipping character models but nothing extreme there. There is so much diversity like flying around in space surrounded by fighters and bombers to swinging your light saber as a jedi to sniping your enemy's from a hidden tower. This game has it all. The loot box system might have taken away some of the fun for a part of the player base, and I kind of understand what they are saying. But for me it's not that big of a deal. If you don't want them just don't buy them. And, as always; May the force be with you!

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November 17, 2017