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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on May 29, 2019

In a game genre as competitive as MMO, Elder Scrolls Online still manages to keep its head held high and shows us its muscles again and again. So, let's roll up our sleeves and get busy in the mesmerizing and mystifying continent called Tamriel, shall we?

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is back with a brand new adventure, related to the story of Elsweyr (pronounced as Els-Where). Elsweyr, which is a part of Tamriel, is home to a race called the Khajiit. Because this was my first time in Elsweyr but not in the world of ESO, I chose to start a new character which is also from the Khajiit race. I was playing games like ESO and other games in the RPG genre (but offline) waaaaay back, when most youngsters that play the RPG's nowadays where still only a glint in their mother's eye. No disrespect for the recent gamer base of course, because loads and loads of different kind of gamers play MMO games these days. And thit creates an awesome diverse community, so I'm all for it!

As the title indicates, ESO is the online version of the Elder Scrolls games of old. Well, not the exact same games, of course, but a lot of features of the old Elder Scrolls games are also incorporated in the online version of the game. ESO even added a plethora of new features to the already awesome mix. You can happily start slaying monsters in order to receive new loot, craft new armour, new potions, new furniture, new weapons, food... the list just keeps going on and on! The materials needed to craft said items can be found in the online world itself by looting monsters and by exploring the landscape.

There are many achievements to unlock by just being yourself and doing as you please. The game utilises a front/back bar system. On those bars multiple talents can be placed. These talents can be taken from different talent tree`s. For example, if you want to be a healer, then best take your talents from the healer tree, dps (damage dealers) can take their main talents from a dps tree and so on. The fun aspect with ESO, in my humble opinion, is that you can mix match those talents to become whatever you want to be. Want to be a healer with a big sword in your hands? Sure, why not! This gives the player loads of choices for their character. The design and development process behind this is just amazing!

So, Elsweyr. As soon as I set foot into this new chapter of the game, it looks amazing in detail! You will feel at home straight away and feel a bond with your character. In my case, I was one of the new classes (the Necromancer). The intro starts, and after you will learn how to pick up a weapon and fight you will face the dragon. Oh yes, sir and madam; the dragon is back in ESO and damn he has some good looks. This is on an entire different level! You start to fight the dragon and finally he flies away, sure to be seen again... As you reach your first town, you will have some armour, a weapon and some ingredients at your disposal and your quests will start, so you set off into the beautiful but dangerous world of Elsweyr.

I'm not kidding when I say this land is huge. As you travel around the area, other sub-quests will show up. I can recommend doing these quests because there will be more things to find and more spells to upgrade as you progress through the game. Your bag-space is limited so be sure to sell grey items, visit towns regularly to talk to people for new quests, and hop on your horsey onwards toward your next waypoint or lead. The engagement of the enemy is so perfectly done in this game. They do not feel easy at all, and the best thing is that your damage output feels superb.

I built a Necromancer for this adventure, and his spells feel like hitting someone with a truck, if that truck were to be constructed entirely out of magic spells. The most fun part of the Necromancer is that you can summon skeleton warriors to support you in combat. One of your main spells is that you can launch bolts of skeletons, as long as you have enough mana. Damn, they made this class look so damn cool! The way necromancer plays is a very welcome change to the whole ESO experience. It`s truly something different to play and the spell choices are very well thought out.

I did play the game via the cloud and locally, and didn`t experience any lag whatsoever. The game felt real solid. Even when I was riding on my horse everything went smooth as butter. A few hours into the game I can say that it pays off to continue playing all of the side quests and read every bit of lore you come across. They reward very different loot and you sure do need them. Fun thing to mention: There is also loot that you don`t need but that you can steal! And, as much fun as it is to steal in practically any game, be careful what you do. I wouldn't recommend swiping stuff needlessly, because stealing in ESO results in a penalty. After you have stolen something, a town guard can hold you accountable for this crime and you need to pay a fee to clear your name. But... If you are fast enough... well, who knows what might happen if you escape...

I think that if you never played an MMO or RPG before, then this game can have quite a steep learning curve. Yes, there is an awesome intro to learn some things, but this game is very deep in content and has some great lore woven into it. If you are familiar with MMO games then this game will rock your world. Elsweyr can compete with all the major players in the MMO genre and it might just be my personal number one MMO game to play at the moment, as were the previous chapters of ESO.

The things you will encounter inside this game are so spontaneous, so well told and in such a beautifully crafted fantasy world. ESO will keep you entertained for hours and hours and will make you wonder why time went by so fast. It was a pleasure to experience such a well written adventure, and I still have so much more to discover in the world of Elsweyr, so I can't wait to start playing again.

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Zenimax Online Studios & Bethesda Softworks
June 4, 2019