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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on January 5, 2018

First of all, best wishes for the new year. Let's hope this will be a good year for gamers everywhere!

On to the business at hand! Fallen Legion+ a game that originally presented itself as two separate games on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and now takes its rightful place in the Steam library. It's an RPG set in a medieval, hand drawn world. The best elements from the series are being combined to make this one epic adventure! The goal of fallen legion is to form a party of heroes that will save the world from evil. To achieve this you will have to form a party of heroes with special powers.

There isn't a lack of evil in this game. We have dragons, monsters, warriors, mages and other assorted evildoers. It felt like those monsters where not that easy to defeat. They hit like a truck and that felt rather pleasing to me. In an RPG like this you don't want to kill monsters too easily, like you see in most mobile games for example.

In between battles you will see beautiful hand drawn stories about the characters you play. This lets you learn more about the world and the feelings of your heroes. The battles itself consist of a button style interface that can be played on a keyboard or controller. You can hit your enemy by using a single button press or by creating combo's. I played on a keyboard myself, so it was 'F' for one hero's attack, 'E' for another hero and so on. You can press the keys simultaneous to create effective combo's. The spacebar is used to block attacks.

During battles, you will build up an energy meter. If the meter is full you will launch a special attack with a nice visual that goes with that specific attack. Your main hero can use multiple skills that can be selected with the up and down arrows and a combination of buttons for various skills. This way he can heal team mates, bring them back to life or do a single attack. These skills are of great importance to survive any battle you will face, especially later on.

The enemy may have a shield that you will have to break first. To successfully defeat said enemy with normal attacks can be really hard. But once you launch several attacks against him and see the life bar go down you suddenly feel real powerful.

The sound effects can best be described as retro legendary. It blends well with the graphics of the game. You will hear the occasional scream huff and puff while you attack, which doesn't get annoying. As this is a game that has been released on consoles, you will find that it's easier to play with a controller. Luckily, Windows has the ability to pair a Xbox or other Bluetooth controller, so making combos will be like eating hamburgers; thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding.

When you put all this together, Fallen Legion+ is a game that has combined the awesomeness of a beat 'em up game with intricate RPG elements. The success of the console version will surely continue on pc with awesome hand drawn graphics and nice ambient sounds. The heroes feel powerful but the enemies are strong enough to keep you focused and the gameplay is really fun, so you will definitely give it another try if you fail. Fallen Legion+ combines the storylines of both Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire (PS4) and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (PS Vita) into one epic package that will have you questing in the kingdom of Fenumia for hours on end. I, for one, can only say that Fallen Legion+ is truly an awesome newcomer on Steam that everyone should try!

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January 5, 2018