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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on December 4, 2019

Some gamers are part of the pro elite and master every game there is to play in the known universe. Some just can't complete even a simple level of Tetris. When playing Profane, I found out, I'm somewhere in between. I haven't played a game that was so much fun to master. Even getting past the intro boss itself was an epic challenge. And that was just the beginning of the game!

Profane is a Boss Rush / Bullet Hell game about an archaeologist who is lead to some ancient ruins. Once at the site of the ruins, you will discover a mask. This is no ordinary mask, though; the mask you find is actually the last of God's Seven Masks: Talaal. The mask takes possession of the archaeologist body and, in doing so, gives him an array of new powers and abilities. The archeologist will have to use these new found powers to bring down the bad guys, who turn out to be Talaal's power-mad siblings. Now, some fighting amongst brothers and sisters is completely normal, but wanting to kill them in order to absorb their power is taking it one step too far, if you ask me. I personally thought this to be a great story and the intro was well-made and set the scene perfectly.

Think of Profane as a sort of twin stick shooter where you control the movement of your character with your left stick and the shooting direction with your right stick. Next to that you have abilities that you can use to defeat the bosses. You don't have any health like you would expect from any other game, but your health is actually time based. If you don't beat the boss before the timer runs out, then it's bad luck for you; please try again!

The intro made good sense as you will learn how to buy and equip them to your selection slot. There are active abilities and passive ones. Think of the latter of the two as gaining a shield or blasting forward a few yards. As I was playing with keyboard only, the buttons where mapped as following: WASD are your walking keys, the arrow keys are for shooting and the numbers are for shooting a bad guy in the face. To be honest, I would suggest using a controller for this game. Not only does it play way better, you can also reach for your ability buttons way faster than you ever could on a keyboard. You have to make decisions fast to beat a boss and I had a way better experience with a controller in hand.

Profane features some really sweet graphics! Rich, colorful worlds fill your screen. Both these environments and the bosses you'll come across are really well designed. It felt as if I was visiting the realms myself while I was gunning down some baddies. Profane features some excellent game design. The way the time-based health was used was something brand new to me. I never saw a game use this mechanic before. It felt fresh and made the game a pleasant new way of playing a twin stick shooters. You also need to use this time to buy new abilities, so time is precious. And just as it is in real life, you can never have enough of it!

Even though I found the game hard to master, it did manage to keep me triggered and trying time after time, because I desperately wanted to finish off the next boss. I would recommend this game to people who love the twin stick shooter genre and enjoy a true challenge. Profane might just be one of the best and challenging games I played in a while! Not only does the game feature a story mode for you to battle your way through, but it has some mayor replay value with added modes like daily challenge and challenge mode. So, do you think you have what it takes to climb the leader boards? If you do, my advice would definitely be to give this game a shot!

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Overpowered Team
October 24, 2019