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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on December 5, 2019

The Nintendo Switch is always a unique system when it comes to handheld games. The majority of games on this platform are designed to easily be playable on the train, plane and even when lying in bed. In short, if handheld gaming is your cup of tea, it`s the perfect system. I got the opportunity to try out a new twin-stick shooter with RPG elements on the Nintendo Switch called Space pioneer.

Space pioneer is a game about being a bounty hunter who explores the farthest reaches of space and hunts alien scum if need be. Not only are you allowed to explore the vast universe, but you will bring with you a vast selection of weapons and upgrades to become this powerful space cowboy that can kill anything evil in sight. You are able to pick three classes: Light, Heavy and Standard, each of which comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. There are a lot of world to complete and after each world you will become a little bit stronger.

During the first level, you will get acquainted with your button layout. As you walk with your left stick, you use the right stick to aim. The right trigger does the job of releasing havoc on all the aliens in sight. Apart from using normal guns, you are also equipped with grenades and a turret that you can deploy. This turret has a timer on it and will do what it was built to do for a set time. Now, while the turret surely gets the job done, you'll still need to be smart to outgun the hordes of aliens, who seems to have only one thing on their collective minds: ending your life! Of course this will get somewhat easier later on in the game, when you can upgrade all elements of your character and, in doing so, will become stronger and stronger.

As you blast your way through the game you can also upgrade your items. By clearing more and more objectives in a space world, you will also get more experience points. And, of course, you will definitely want those juicy point as they can make you a lot stronger. When you level up, or upgrade any weapon or armour piece, the game provides you with a nice-looking screen, so it feels as you have really deserved the upgrade. Every time I was upgrading something it did actually make me feel stronger! Make sure to upgrade every chance you get because those nasty aliens and big nasty bosses sure pack a punch! Imagine capturing a point on the map that is also an alien spawn point. To capture the point, you will need to stay within a circular area surrounding said point. So as you are killing aliens you'll have to run around, all the while using your abilities and making damn sure you don't leave the circle. Planning things up front can really help you out achieving this daunting task.

Visually, Space Pioneer looks cool and the developers made clever use of bright colors. For instance, green spit from a venomous alien can be easily spotted, so you don't walk over it every single time. The enemies themselves look cool and are expertly crafted to look as menacing as possible. Testing the game made me truly feel like I was a real space pioneer, packed to the teeth with weapons and ridding the universe of alien scum! I must say, I really enjoyed playing Space Pioneer. The game is filled to the brim with different weapons and gear, so it`s not just a twin-stick shooter; it`s also a RPG with some rare overpowered weapons that you will definitely want to give a try! After playing Space Pioneer, I can honestly say that this game has made into my top 5 game of 2019!

available on:

Vivid Games & QubicGames
December 6, 2019 (Switch)
May 26, 2018 (Android / iOS)