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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on March 8, 2018

"Super Cane Magic ZERO is a comedy action RPG. It features a large, handcrafted game world full of secrets to explore, in addition randomly generated dungeons and local PVP arenas. Fight solo or local co-op, get gear, eat bombs, crawl ridiculous dungeons and kill all the vegetables!"

Now, I don't know about you, but when I read a summary like this, it is really hard to not want to play the game in question. So, I did the only logical thing; I played the game! What game are we talking about, I hear you ask? Well, it's a game by ominously named independent developer Studio Evil and it goes by the awesome name of: Super Cane Magic Zero: Legend of the Cane Cane.

The game starts out with introducing you to a rich and colorful world. You will learn what keys to use step by step. The basis of the game is that you can lift object with your right mouse button and you can aim and throw them with your left button. If you press the right button while holding an item you can even eat it! But be careful! Not all items you eat may be good for you. An apple, sure! But a stone? Nah, that's not so good. So you will actually lose health if you eat the wrong food, and gain health if you eat food that's good for you.

You can also collect mana orbs that can be used for special powers that will get stronger and stronger as you progress through the game. If you somehow lose health or mana, you can always refill them at a station. But, as with most things, this comes at a price; in return for health or mana points, you will have to pay a certain amount of salami... yes salami! Strange things do happen in this game, but it is really beautifully crafted. It's a super weird experience at times but an awesome RPG in its own right.

In the first world you will also learn how to use weapons. Yes, weapons are also included in this frantic journey into silliness! You will start out with your stick and shield. These will be used to hit enemies who, as it turns out, are not that easy to kill at all. Quite on the contrary, actually; they can be a royal pain in the neck sometimes. But no worries! Remember how I told you about picking up items. Well, same thing applies to enemies; you can just pick them up and throw them around. Or, you can pick up items from the world and throw them at your enemies.

So, all things considered, you will quickly feel like a really powerful being with your special powers and weapons. These are all listed and stored in your inventory, giving Super Cane Magic Zero more of an RPG twist. As you make your way through the game's dangerous world, you will have to collect all kinds of loot that can be used against enemies.

After you leave the main ship in the training missions, you will encounter the first enemies of the game. You can hit them with your left mouse button and bring serious pain pressing the F button, which releases your special ability. These first few enemies are quite easy to dispatch but, as I've mentioned earlier, thios quickly changes and they become truly challenging.

This game is really addictive and I immediately wanted to see more of thi zany and colorful world. That tells me this game might just become a true hit title! And I'm not alone in this sentiment. The reviews that I could find around the internet confirm my suspicions and to no surprise. The world of Super Cane Magic Zero is happy joyful and strange at the same time and is filled with nice retro sounding music and wacky and colorful characters. The enemies you'll encounter are not too easy but by no means invincible. If you die, you will start again at the beginning of that world, so keep an eye on your health!

You can also play Super Cane Magic Zero together with up to four players in local co-op. It might be a truly interesting thing; killing the monsters with more people than just yourself. Alas, this was something I was not able to try out yet, but I am sure going to give it a whirl in the future.

Frankly, the only thing for me left to say is "Be sure to try out this super crazy but insanely fun game!" It offers you multiple ways to play, both single player and multiplayer. The graphics are very colorful, and right now I'm already looking forward to the next update. The developers pay really close attention to player feedback and they aim to incorporate as much of the feedback into the game. In doing so, they manage to create better and better versions of already awesome game!

available on:

Studio Evil
August 26, 2015 (Steam Early Access)