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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on October 18, 2019

Some games are centred around cooperation. At times, we simply don't want to play a game alone, at these times, it feels good to help each other out in certain situations. Those situation demands us to communicate with each other because we are humans. Humans communicate and work together in order to achieve things we normally couldn't achieve on our own.

This is where We Were Here Together comes into play. This is a perfect example of the aforementioned cooperative games. Everything you do during play is all based on communicating with another person and working together so you can overcome a certain obstacle in coop mode. Not only is this a very entertaining way to play a game, it also feels like a super large escape room in which you and your friends will eventually become even more attached to each other because teamwork is truly crucial.

Together with DumeeGamer's very own Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee, I set out to give this game a go! First, we explored the environment for a bit, in which it became instantly clear that we would have to solve puzzles to get to the next objective, which led to the next puzzle, which led to the next objective, and so on. Now, I had heard of this game and knew the series had already spawned two games before this one, but what I didn't know was that this game was so pretty! It's a quite demanding game that gives you high quality graphics with a very atmospheric environment to explore. It uses colours, codes, coordinates, takes you (as a duo of players) apart and brings you back together again. I must say that We Were Here Together is very well made!

We soon solved the first puzzles and it was a good feeling to be able to continue. We were communicating using our right mouse buttons to talk true the walkie-talkies we received at the start of the game. Now, just because there's two of you, don't even think for a moment that this adventure is going to be easy, or that your learning curve is done after the first few puzzles. We continued to the next puzzle arena where we were presented with a set of elevators. Now, solving this puzzle required some serious brain wracking. We needed to get to the top of the mountain by using only sour communication devices. Now, both Michael and I are not easily frightened, so we remained calm and described to each other what we saw in our immediate surroundings. This helped us to finally solve the puzzle and be on our way.

During the game, you can explore the environment freely by using the WASD keys. The left mouse button is used to interact with the environment and the right mouse button lets you use your walkie-talkie. Make sure to look around for tips and hints and tell your teammate when you have found one! Because every bit of information about the puzzle is of great importance and should be known by the both of you in order to solve said puzzle.

In conclusion; We Were Here Together is a very original coop game that will challenge you with multiple puzzles and objectives which, in turn, can only be solved by helping each other. It felt amazing, if you ask me! I could run around the beautiful environments for hours on end, but then I suddenly realised how late it was! Damn! Time to go to bed. Now, I didn't really go to bed that instant, but it gives you a good idea of what the game is like. It's so much fun to play that time will fly by before you notice it. Michael and I were able to finish a lot of the puzzles and we agreed that this is a very well thought out game that keeps you entertained and curious about what the solution to the next puzzle will be.

So, do you fancy yourself to be somewhat of a puzzle connoisseur? Well, my friend, in that case, Total Mayhem Games challenges you to prove that boast! Just grab a buddy, step up to the proverbial plate and get cracking! I can guarantee that We Were Here Together has more than enough conundrums to challenge even the most seasoned puzzle game fanatic!

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October 10, 2019