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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on November 16, 2017


Grab your sword, shield and spear, Viking and dress yourself in your best deer hide, it is time to board our ships and take up arms against those British Infidels!! Yes you heard me correctly... INFIDELS!

The third game from Polish independent developer, Destructive Creations, is none other than the RTS game Ancestors Legacy. It is an epic game set in the time period between the 10th and 12th century. The developer is already known for a couple of games, probably their most famous, or should I say infamous, work was Hatred, which managed to stir up quite the controversy a couple of years ago. But we are not here to talk about that, let's talk about the legacy of our ancestors!

As stated, the third installment of Destructive Creations is an RTS game, and might I add a pretty damn good one by the looks of it. As soon as the game boots you are truly trusted in the Nordic Viking atmosphere. Not only because of the game's beautiful visuals but all the more because of its epic musical score... My god, when that music started playing, my heart rate immediately went into battle mode. And, as stated, the visuals are also more than on par, especially for an RTS game which usually has the player looking at the battlefield from above. Now, while this is not completely different in this game and, as in many RTS games that came before, you can zoom in all the way to the ground, some of the cutscenes in Ancestors Legacy are in-engine and show units and battles up close. The devs really delivered the goods in this department and did a great job in keeping the atmosphere as vivid as possible.

Of course, I only played a preview of the game in the form of a single player beta that "only" entailed 3 chapters, but I'm already hooked. When the final spear was thrust into my enemies, the last arrow had struck down its target and the final fires died down, I wished for nothing more than just a little bit additional game time. But, sadly enough, we will all have to wait a bit longer. As of yet, no release date is known. We only know the final game should be coming sometime in Q2 of 2018. The devs did, however, let us in on some details about the game for when it is fully released.

The game will consist of 40 missions total, split into four chapters dedicated to the history of each nation: Vikings (first chapter), Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs. Apart from that, the devs will also create a significant multiplayer mode.

I think the devs describe the game the best in their own words: "Ancestors Legacy is a game fairly focused on telling the story. We chose some medieval events which in large part shaped Europe as we know it, and we are letting the player enact them, by commanding the warriors during their missions. Please bear in mind that this game is not all about splendor and glory - your troops will sometimes lose, because that is also what shaped the history."

When we learn more about this game, we will be sure to keep you informed, so check back regularly if you want to know more. And as an added bonus, we should get our hands on the multiplayer beta somewhere in December!

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