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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on November 16, 2016

Alright, I never doubted for a minute that working at DumeeGamer was going to be totally cool and amazing. However, even I was surprised by the memo I received a couple of days ago. It said (and I quote): "get your ass over to the bar and make sure you got your drinking cap on!". Drinking on the job'? Now, I don't know about you guys, but that has never been said to me before by a boss... but who am I to disobey? So before I knew it I was sitting at the local pub with some of the more brave colleagues from the DumeeGamer crew around a table filled with beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages. Something was different though... something else was also on the table: a card game.

When asking what the hell a card game was doing there, I was quickly corrected: "This is not 'just' a card game, it is a card-based RPG drinking game called BaRPG", I was told by our leading lady, Diana. Usually, I am not much for card games, but after miss DumeeGamer herself promised me a free drink if a played a round with them, I just couldn't refuse. I guess they found out that free drinks are my weakness... (well, one of many, actually, but who's counting?)

So after reading up on the rules and stipulations, we were about ready to commence our drinking quest. Seeing as how alcohol is involved in the game, it is a good thing these rules are easy to understand! And surely enough, pretty soon we found ourselves having some of the most fun we have had in a long time. We just couldn't contain our laughter and other patrons of the pub where quite intrigued about what was happening at our table.

BaRPG, a game that can be played starting from 3 to up to 7 players at a time, consists of three types of cards:

Level Cards
Every player gets one of these, all are the same for everyone. The level cards have one purpose, keeping score, which they do in two ways; the players level ranging from 1 to 6, reaching level 6 makes you win the game. the other score they keep is the soberness level of the player, ranging from 0 to -4. Reaching -4 forces the player to reset on account of being blind drunk, lose all their items and change his or her character in the process.

Character cards
Every player has to take one at random from the stack of character cards, every character has their own unique power which gets used every time the player has rolled a valid score with the dice.

Item Cards
there are a lot of these cards in the game and every item has an effect. Most of them can be used to get a tactical advantage but some have a negative effect on the holder of the card itself. After receiving the first item card for free at the beginning of the game every other can be bought from the stack of item cards after each player roll their dice at the start of the round. Contrary to other games, buying an item card doesn't cost you money. What? No, they're not free either! The way this works is that every item card has a set value, and after taking one from the item stack you'll have to drink its value from your drink of choice. (For instance: a card value of 4 forces you to drink 4 sips of beer)

Although the gameplay is a lot of fun, It's not only the way the game works that makes it this awesome. The way the creators stylized it with the character and item names just adds to the laughter-filled evening you are definitely going to have with this game. And we haven't even started about the characters powers and item effects yet. There are too much cool items and characters to list here! However, just so you get the general idea, I am going to specify two of each of them:

Character: BrewId
Power: Summon Drunken Spirit
- BrewId invents an action (eg: single clap)
- The player to BrewId's right then copies action and adds their own, and so on.
- The player that makes a mistake drinks number of actions added and loses one sober point

Character: GinStrel
Power: Inspire Party
- GinStrel sings first line of a made up song
- Next player to the left sings the next line, which must rhyme (rhyming words may only be used once)
- Player who fails takes 1 drink and loses 1 sober point.

Item: Reflective shield of Childish Insult
Effect: Deflect any drinks and/or sober points aimed at you to another player of your choice.

Item: Obnoxious Drunken Goblin
Effect: Choose a player, that player must discard all of his or her items and drink their total value.

As you can probably imagine, playing this game at home or at the bar with some of your friends and family will make you break out in song, dance and, most certainly, laughter. Even though this type of game is not on my list of usual suspects when it comes to providing me with a very good time, it really, really did! I will most surely make sure that this game will be one of the regular items at our upcoming DumeeGamer meetings and parties. If you want to get your hands on this magnificently crafted, ingenious game, head over to: and order your own copy. In doing so, you will be sure to have lots of fun AND you'll support the further release of this pinnacle of drinking game awesomeness. So release your inner nerd, barbarian, princess or whatever, and get ready to have loads and loads of fun!