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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on January 25, 2015

Being a supreme ruler is great, isn't it? We at least like to think so. Well, in Blackguards 2 we are immediately introduced with one of its downsides; people after your power and stripping you of it.

That is what happens to Cassia, our warrior princess in this newly released game by Daedalic Entertainment. A nice looking woman who is thrown into the dungeons just beneath the largest Arena of her own kingdom. We say her own kingdom, but being thrown into a dark dungeon kind of relieves you of the need to have a kingdom to call your own. This mainly because the being incarcerated bit usually gets in the way of ruling anything... but back to Cassia. Without a lot of people to talk to she has to settle for the prison guard who is tasked with keeping a watchful eye on the prisoners. He is a real downer, giving us the news that the venomous spiders that the new evil ruler Marwan made us shack up with only give us 2 options: Die or go insane. We certainly don't like any of those options so let's do something about it shall we?

Even though the dungeon isn't all that cozy as the castle Cassia is used to, we have to give props to the Art department. They did a great job setting an atmosphere in a subtle yet intricate way.

Our warrior princess sets off to find an exit from this horrible place. If you aren't familiar with how Blackguards works, it is a Turn-Based, Click-Action RPG. Every level you are in is divided into hexagonal tiles on which you are able to move. Every character has a limited movement radius, so keep that in mind when getting your party from one spot to the next. And if you move less than about 4 tiles you are still able to perform a secondary action like attacking or using something like a lever or open a chest.

After a short period of time trying to find an exit (4 years to be exact) we finally see the light of day again. The time we spent being imprisoned has been hard on us, the venom of the spiders has burned half our face off. But this whole ordeal has made us quite certain of one thing; we are going to overthrow our traitorous ex-husband, imprisoner of women, creator of monsters, the evil king Marwan.

Seeing as how using our looks to gain allies isn’t really an option anymore, we probably should get going. The potential allies we come across are diverse to say the least. Takate, a fierce warrior who is interested in nothing more than being the best in what he does. Zurbaran, being a mage is his trade as well as being a man of a lot of words. Naurim, a dwarf with just one thing he would like to get his hands on more than gold, namely the head of Niobi the alchemist, who tried to kill him. And last but certainly not least, Faramud, Leader of the Legion, which kindly joins us on our campaign to dethrone Marwan.

Blackguards II is a really dynamic game; you truly have to think through all the choices you make; should you run or attack, go for a chest or will that get you killed ? All these choices you make will result in an epic win or an enormous failure. Not only while playing through a level are you making life and death decisions, it is equally as important to spend the Adventure Points you earn on the correct perks, attacks and upgrades, best suited for your style of playing and the characters you are given.

Blackguards 2 will easily immerse you in its grand scale story, even to a point where you really start to despise Marwan and want to see his head on your spear, sword or whatever the weapon is you decide is best suited for Cassia. As we’ve said before the backdrops are amazingly beautiful and the character models look pretty sweet.

If you like RPG's you will definitely love this game! If you are somewhat in doubt because of the fact this is a Turn-Based Click-Action game, well just give it a go and we are sure you are going to have a great time slicing, dicing and magic casting and getting presented with every awesome detail Blackguards 2 has to offer.

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Daedalic Entertainment
January 20, 2015