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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on October 20, 2016

We all know the basic rules of traffic; motorized vehicles go on the road, pedestrians go on the sidewalk. But what happens when there were none of these rules whatsoever? Well, Swedish developer Landfall Games gives us an insight in the total and utter chaos that would most definitely ensue.

According to the developer, the best (and probably only) way to make your way to your destination is to let the trucks drive anywhere they want to, and us, poor gaming pedestrians should run, jump, slip and slide over and along the sides of said trucks without getting squashed or falling off. So, what would you get when you add these rules to a huge game of "the floor is lava"? You'll get a game of total traffic terror we will get to know as: Clustertruck.

Clustertruck is a platforming game with slick visuals in all of its 90 levels, spread across 9 worlds. With each world adding more and more dangerous terrain and hazards to the mix, it's the ever-increasing level of danger that challenges you to make split-second decisions and act on them instantaniously. The key is to use agility and acrobatics to get across a conga line of unpredictably behaving trucks, in order to make your way to the goal marker as fast as possible.

Everytime you beat a level, you are awarded with points. These points can in turn be used to unlock a whole series of abilities, ranging from double jump all the way to a grappling hook and a jet pack. And trust me when I say, my friends, that you're really going to want to have these abilities! In the mad, unpredictable world of Clustertruck, you are going to need all the help you can get...

If you love platforming at high speed and are up for a challenge, we would certainly like to challenge all of you to try and beat our highscores. I feel, however, that a word of warning is in place here; this game has an extremely high level of "I'll try it just one more time", so you might wind up spending a lot more time playing it than you had originally planned.

I would like to apologize if this review seems somewhat short. It's just... I'm jumping from truck to truck in order to survive in a world where everything seems to be hell-bent on killing me! Just take my word for it; Clustertruck is a really cool and fun-to-play game, which I personally think deserves to be played by everybody who loves a fun and fast game! So, that's it for me right now. Until next time... if I survive this traffic, that is!

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Landfall Games
September 27, 2016