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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on March 26, 2015

The PSP fan-favorite Final Fantasy game finally comes to console gamers around the world, so this epic story is now available for all of us to enjoy.

Back in 2011, Square Enix launched this game in Japan for the PSP, where it had some of the highest review numbers a game could get on launch. And after 4 years of asking for a launch outside of its homeland, we are now finally getting what we asked for: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for Xbox ONE and PS4.

They've polished the graphics, improved controls for the new user base, added a lower difficulty level and added some secret cutscenes as a bonus. Donít expect the same top notch graphics from this game as from some other games out there on these two consoles, but we have to say that they did a fine job upgrading them. The scenes are vivid and really give you the good old Final Fantasy vibe.

For the players (like me) who didnít get to enjoy the original PSP game, Final Fantasy type-0 HD is set in the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries. This subseries consists of all the FF XIII games, FF type-0 and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. The story of Type-0 encompasses the Orience, a land divided between four nations also known as Crystal states. These states derived their names from the Crystals which provide they're power and constitute their national Emblems. The four states are:

- Dominion of Rubrum, empowered by the Vermilion Bird Crystal which controls Magic.
- Militesi Empire, controling the White Tiger Crystal containing the power of Science and Weapons
- Kingdom of Concordia, using the Azure Dragon Crystal with the Power of Dragons
- Lorican Allience, governing the Black Tortoise Crystal and its power of Shielding

Each of these nations has its own academy or peristylium, where they research and protect their respective crystals. These Crystals, you will soon find out, are more than shiny gems, as they are able to mark humans as a servant to its country. These servants are called líCie and are branded with a symbol and given a Focus, a task to complete. One more thing the creators of the Crystals have concocted is that when someone dies, all memories people had of that specific person are lost to everyone in the Orience. Although this seems rather harsh this also means nobody gets hung up or immobilized by grief.

Shortly after the introductional cutscenes and mission, we get to know the team known as Class Zero. This is actually the 13th class in the Vermillion Peristylium, located in The Dominion of Rubrum. The amount of playable characters in this game is pretty high seeing as the class consists of 12 people to which, shortly after the introduction mission, 2 more are added. We are not going to list them all here and now, but believe us when we say that the team has a character for everyone to like.

Gameplay-wise, the game has been put together in a fantastic manner! Every time you go on a mission you get to create your roster and put together your active team. This team can consist of up to three members, giving you the possibility to add the rest of your roster to the reserve team. The reserve team can be called upon when one of your team members runs into an enemy's bullet or sword one time too often. While on a mission you make your way through towns, buildings and sewer systems, etcetera.

Unlike most of the previous Final Fantasy games, when you are on a mission, the game does not go into a cutscene when a battle occurs. The fighting is more hack ín slash than turn based. If you are just traveling through the world known as the Orience, on your way to a mission or catching Chocoboís and you happen to run into an enemy, the cutscenes will occur and you will enter a battle arena. Once inside the battle arena however, the fighting system is not reverted to the old-school turn-based style of previous games. No, it's kept in the same style as if you were on a mission, so hack-n-Slash to your heart's content.

All in all it must be said that we were very, very happy when we got this game in the mail and are still enjoying it, even after well over 30 hours of gameplay on our first playtrough. But that's not all! A second playtrough is certainly needed to see and do everything the game has to offer. The developers put so much effort into this game, it's almost crazy! Some of this stuff is simply too hard to do while your characters are still on a relatively low level. What an amazing journey this game turned out to be! So prepare yourself to jump head first into a world, filled with intrigue and plot twists and come out victorious!

available on:

Square Enix
March 17, 2015 (NA)
March 19, 2015 (JP)
March 20, 2015 (EU)