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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on April 21, 2015

Let's shuffle the deck of cards that will determine the life you'll lead, or the death that you must ultimately suffer.

I know what you are thinking: "A card game, as a digital medium, seriously?!?". But bear with me here, because this game has more up its sleeves then just a simple deck of cards...

Hand of fate revolves around a table. At this table there sits a mysterious man who apparently likes to dress up like a sorcerer (don't we all?!). He wields a deck of cards which can put you in the most dangerous of situations. The cards he uses tell a story, one card at a time. The ultimate outcome you'll have to work towards is challenging the sorcerer himself. But before you even get close to this point, you'll have to live through twelve challenges, which each consist of four Jacks, four Queens and four Kings.

The rest of the deck is divided into food-, health-, weapon-, armor- and event cards. At the beginning of each game, the deck is shuffled, quite magically we should mention, and you get a set of cards. Then the sorcerer lays down the playing field and a playing piece is set on top of the first card.

The idea of the game is that you have to move this piece to the next card which then gets turned over. The cards you move to are always event cards which can range from merchants trying to sell something, to princesses or goblins which give you a choice like "could you give me some coin?" Each choice you make has a different outcome, so choose wisely...

Another example of a card you might encounter on your journey is the ambush card. Now, this is where things get really interesting. This card singlehandedly changes Hand of Fate from a strange yet fun card game to a full blown hack and slash game. The background changes, your character steps out of its card and he receives the weapons you have been able to scrounge up so far. The developers have put a lot of time and effort in crafting these battle stages and it really shows. Just like when you were sitting at the card table, the stages really set exactly the right mood and atmosphere needed to pull you deeper and deeper into the game.

But for now, let's put our weapons aside and get back to the table. Moving your piece isn't free, it costs food. When you run out of food you will lose health at an alarming rate, so make sure you have enough food, lest your fate be death, foolish human... I'm very sorry ladies and gentlemen, I just couldn't help myself. It's the game talking, I swear! ...where was I? Oh yes: Food! To ensure you don't actually die of starvation, it is absolutely imperative to have enough food on you at all times. You are able to gain food through winning battles, encounters with merchants or other events.

Some of the event cards have a small gold token on the bottom. Completing these events successfully grants you this token, which at the end of your path grant you certain unlocks, represented by even more cards, positive and negative, that get added to the deck. The unlocks are positive and negative because the sorcerer is hell-bent on retaining the balance in the game.

Hand of Fate basically falls under three game-categories: Card, Hack 'n slash games and Role-playing. It's the combination of all of these aspects that really makes this game unique and unlike anything we have ever seen before. So before I sign off and play another round, I would like to ask you this question: Are you ready and are you prepared to shuffle the deck of life? Is you answer a resounding 'Yes'? Then, my friend, let's play Hand of Fate.

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Defiant Development
February 17, 2015