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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on July 31, 2017

Some challenges are not for the faint of heart. But, no matter how though the challenge sometimes seems to be, today I learned (yet again) why we at never shy away from them. No matter how small or great they may seem. Now come see what I am going on about... if you dare !?

Teedoubleu Games, the developers of the brand new Action/RPG game Immortal Planet, have dubbed the game a love letter to Dark Souls and I can see what they mean. Because, just like dark souls, Immortal Planet is rather unforgiving; every level you enter is littered with adversaries, just waiting to take you out. And, if they manage to do so, you will revert all the way back to the beginning of the level where your Cryopod resides. Your Cryopod is basically your home base and the place where you can level up and rest. Resting regenerates your health and some of your items, but it does come with a price; it makes sure that every single enemy in the level respawns as well!

The RPG aspect of this game starts with your character selection, or should I say weapon selection, because before you start playing you get to choose between three different weapons and three different relics, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. After you make your selection for either a Swordspear, Assaultblade or a Shieldaxe you get to set foot in the isometric ruins of Immortal Planet and it is up to you, as an AwakeWalker with no memory of your past, to forge your future, discover the planet's mysteries, and find a way out of this icy hell.

Pretty soon after setting foot in the crumbling ruins, you are made aware that patience is key here, mainly because of the punishing and unforgiving gameplay. On your hud are two bars; a health bar and a stamina bar. Every action you do (like running or attacking your enemies), costs stamina and when you run out, you can't do anything of those things. You are then basically left to the whims of your enemies, who will quickly try to send you back to your Cryopod, leaving all of your experience on the floor. The only thing you can do is make your way back to where you died and kill all previous enemies once again, if you ever want to see any of that loot again. And when you finally make your way to the end of a level, and with this I mean the end of every level, there is always one more thing awaiting you. Even though it is simply called a Boss, it is not just simply a boss you breeze through. It really quickly becomes your worst nightmare, because these characters always have way, way, waaaaay more health then you do but one slash of their blade will leave you with only third of your health left, if you're not careful.

When I set foot in the ruins, there where two things that immediately struck me; one was the awesome artwork that was put into the game and, secondly: Man! That soundtrack! I love games that take the effort to set the mood not only by hard work in the graphical department but in the musical department as well. And boy, did the guys and girls over at TeeDoubleu Games do just that! The music really enhances the entire experience and it just makes you want to keep destroying your enemies and delve deeper and deeper into the ruins and mysteries of the planet of the immortals.

All in all, I am sure that if you are even slightly into dungeon crawling action RPG style games, then immortal planet is right up your alley! And, since it has just been released, you can go get it right now on Steam and start to gain the knowledge of what has happened on the icy planet and, especially, in the decrepit ruins where all of your worst nightmares live...

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TeeDoubleu Games
July 28, 2017