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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on June 6, 2017

A couple of months ago, I got an email from the DumeeGamer HQ, asking me to take a look at a game called Powargrid; a strategy game that is completely made on Dutch soil by developer Wee Free Studio. As luck would have it, last week I once again received word of quite a big update that landed for this game. So I quickly strapped on my boots and protective gear to once again gather the powar, build the grid and vanquish my enemies, this time in the brand-spanking new multiplayer mode! If you haven't read the original review of Powargrid, you can clickety click here

The pure gameplay gold has now been made available to players who like to get competitive with seven (yes seven!) of their best friends... or should we call them 'soon to be mortal enemies... hmm decisions, decisions! Anyway, the new multiplayer update to Powargrid allows you to join or set-up multiplayer games for up to 8 eight players total and even lets you split everybody up into teams. If you're more of a "Lone Wolf" type of player and don't like other people on your team, buggering up your strategy and all, you can always choose to go at it alone against the other teams.

You can also set up the game as a fully fledged free-for-all game. The developers (I just can't help but thinking about them as the Wee Free Men) even added a new map for you to check out and use to kick your adversaries' asses on. This map is called Marsh to War and it has a deceptively simple layout. Though it looks simple at first glance, it will definitely challenge your tactical decision making and provide tons of fun. It is like one of the developers says: "See if you can kick our vicious AI out of the swamp. Or invite your friends to Marsh to War!"

Along with the multiplayer update, the developers have also released a demo version of Powargrid which, even better, allows anyone to join a multiplayer game. So if you own the full version of Powargrid, you can even play against everyone who only has the demo. What better way to convince seven friends to join you for some free for all multiplayer mayhem?

Besides the addition of a cool multiplayer mode, the demo version also allows players to check out the first five campaign missions, which are available at all difficulty levels. And, best of all, any completed achievements are preserved after buying the full game!

If our initial review of Powargrid didn't give you enough reason to buy the game, then now is the time! I mean, you can at least get going with the demo version of Powargrid. And I'm sure that if you give this really fun game a try, you will quickly buy the full game and join all of us on the grid. So what are you waiting for? go get it here!

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Wee Free Studio
October 5, 2016