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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on April 23, 2015

All right, here we go! Let’s get our standard-issue pizza launcher, load it up with some saw blades and get busy shooting the crap out of enemies that would like nothing more than to see us dead.

Tower of Guns is an indie developed First Person Shooter, in which you use the strangest of weapons to shoot at the weirdest bunch of enemies this side of… well, everything I guess. Tower of guns is developed by a guy named Joe Mirabello for his very own game company: Terrible Posture Games. To create Tower of Guns, he enlisted the help of his brother, Mike. Together, the team of brothers set out to create a lunch break shooter, in other words a game that you could just boot up and at least play and preferably win a round before you have to dive head first into work stuff and thing. Now, we say win but the winning part is a big IF because even though it is "just" a "lunch break shooter" it is challenging as hell.

When you first start the game you get to choose between two weapons. The game features another additional eight unlockable weapons, but as is often the case in this type of situation, you’ll have to prove yourself first before they’ll even let you go near them. The two basic weapons available to you when you start playing are a simple pistol (which isn't all that strong), and a pizza launcher that is filled with saw blades. When you choose the latter you’ll see just one of the game changing details the developers came up with, namely that the saw blades that you hurl into the world ricochet of floors, walls or any other object they encounter, which makes for one hell of a slaughter.

The graphics are cell shaded, which together with its somewhat wacky style slightly reminded us of the Borderlands games (or XXIII, if you’re as old as we are). The way the levels are built up, moving from room to room killing all enemies in it before moving on to the next one, was slightly reminiscent of the Binding of Isaac. This is one of those games that really lends itself perfectly for those moments in which you really want to play a game but do not really have all that much time. Seeing as how this was exactly what the developers where aiming for, they really hit the mark! Another cool feature of this game are the randomly created levels, making sure you never, ever play the exact same level twice! How's that for replay value?!

So are you at work and are you getting an itchy trigger finger because of that one colleague or customer that just spilled his coffee all over those documents you have been slaving over the past few hours? Then get your high-strung ass over to Steam, spend the few bucks this game costs and indulge yourself in over-the-top First Person Shooter action for the next thirty minutes. Trust me when I say that you will be much, much more relaxed after flinging a couple dozen saw blades at enemies. And although you are now more relaxed then before you started playing, you will definitely be itching to finish work, go straight home and enter the Tower of Guns again and again and… well, you get the picture!

available on:

Terrible Posture Games
March 4, 2014 (PC)
April 8, 2015 (PS3 / PS4)
April 10, 2015 (XBox One)