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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on November 10, 2016

A year ago, our esteemed colleague, Kevin "Methodone89" van Dongen, reviewed the first game in the Xenoverse series of Dragonball games and, even though he had some critique, he said the game had finally stepped up to the level where the fans would want the games to be. Now we're here in 2016 and Xenoverse 2 has recently been released. Let's have a look and see if it can keep up with its predecessor, or maybe even shoot a Kamehama in its face or, better yet, right through it!

Like the first installment in the Dragonball Xenoverse, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 gives you the option to create your own character and battle through space and time to make sure the timeline of the Dragonball series stays just the way we all remember it. Nothing much has changed in the plot; it still stays true to the RPG style progression of the game. The developers did, however, tweak the battle system, in order to make it feel more epic and make it feel more intuitive than ever. The mechanics don't rely as much on the "immortal" frames as before, making it a valid option to squeeze in just one more Kamehama or destructo disk to break your oponnent's combo and take control of the battle just a bit more cleanly. The basic controls haven't changed in that regard. However, due to the changes in the battle mechanics they do feel that much better, making them a lot less clunky than before.

As stated, the base plot of the game hasn't changed; the bad guys still want to change the history of Dragonball and it is up to you and your fellow Time Patrol members to prevent that from happening. The release of this new Xenoverse games also provides us with cool additions to the character roster. Have you ever felt like fighting against Imperfect Cell, but couldn't ? Well, now's your chance! You can fight against, or even as, the following characters that have been added to the game:

- Hit
- Majin Vegeta
- Super Janemba
- Turles
- Android 17
- Lord Slug
- Cooler
- Zarbon
- Dodora
- Goku Black (Day one Pre-Order exlusive)
- Future Trunks (Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Exclusive)

In addition to the character roster being expanded, so has the number of stages to fight in, AND you can now battle the big bosses in the game ( like the giant apes ) with up to six other players online. Speaking of online, in Xenoverse 2 the Hub world, known as Conton City, is seven times larger than the previous Toki Toki City and it can now hold up to 300 players per server! How's that for progress?!

You can take your custom hero all over this city and undertake all types of quests, participate in various offline/online fights, go shopping, train, play minigames and chat it up with other characters. You'll not only be able to traverse the Conton City on foot; you'll also be able to finally fly around certain sections of the city, but not before you unlocked this power by getting a flying license. Conton City isn't the only location you can explore; your Time Patroller can explore familiar areas such as Frieza's ship, Buu's House, Guru's House and Capsule corp.

So in a lot of ways, Xenoverse 2 is bigger, better and more bad ass. I do feel, however, that a better name for the game would have been Xenoverse 1.5, see´ng as how the plot is mostly the same. I just feel like, for a full sequel, they could have put more effort into vamping up the story and maybe could have delved just a little bit deeper into the options that time alteration provides. This might sound harsh, but as seeing how myself and mister Sadhonker have quite some experience with delving into the history of space and time, I can honestly say that the possibilities when you are messing with history are absolutely endless.

Even though there are some points I would like to have seen done differently, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is, in the end, a worthy addition to any Dragonball fan collection of games, and it will most certainly provide players who play the game with hours and hours and hours and hours of fun. Now, if you don't mind; I am going to strap on my armor once more, and try to save space and time from total collapse. I could use some help however, so look out for me when traversing Conton city or any of the other hub worlds and join up with us, Time Patrollers.

available on:

Dimps & Bandai Namco Entertainment
October 25 - November 2, 2016