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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 25, 2017

I believe I can fly! Okay, okay, I know people can't, but wouldn't it be fantastic if we could? Just flap your arms and fly away? Or better yet; transform into a beautiful bird!

I have seen Aer - Mermories of Old develop from its early alpha stage until the full game it is today. Two years ago, I tried this game at GamesCom 2015, during the Daedalic Entertainment press presentation. Back then, it was only possible to fly around. Just a couple of islands, no story, but it felt awesome to soar like an eagle! When Gamescom 2016 https://www.dumeegamer.com/specials/gc2016/daedalic.html came round, the developers of Forgotten Key showed us a fuller version of Aer, inspired by Chinese art and with a storyline incorporated into the game. And now, Aer is finally ready to be enjoyed by gamers around the world!

In Aer, you play as a young girl named Auk. She can transform into a beautiful bird, which enables her to travel between an amazing collection of floating islands. But it's not all fun and games for Auk. The Gods of Old are forgotten, lost in events that shattered the world, leaving only fragments of islands in the sky. Against all odds, it becomes clear that Auk is destined for something special. She manages to survive the collapsing of a temple and people begin to think that she might be the one that will help the spirits of Old return to their former glory.

Apart from flying through the beautiful worlds of floating islands there are keys for you to find, temples for you to explore and puzzles for you to solve. So besides enjoying the view, there is actually a lot that Auk must do. Every area has a temple for you to find. Sure, the first ones aren't hard to miss, but later on you'll have to put in a little more effort. I don't want to tell you everything, but here's a tip; make sure you get the hang of flying, it will definitely makes your life a lot easier.

Aer offers you an open world with floating islands and it looks absolutely amazing. You will definitely want to fly around in this world. And when you're out there, try to fly through the clouds. It's so awesome, you will never forget it! You can travel from area to area randomly, but if you're lost and don't know your next step, travel back to your guides in this game, John and Diana. They are located in the area called Settlement and always want to help you and offer you some guidance.

The puzzles in the temples aren't that hard, but it can be difficult to keep track of what to do. Especially when the temples get bigger, I found myself a lot of travelling back and forth to check my progress and hopefully discovering the next step in the process. The temples extend the difficulty of this game and making it challenging. It balances this game. The outside areas are amazing and enjoyable, the temples challenge you and test your creative thinking.

Oh yeah, and don't forget one thing, you'll not be able to fly inside the temples. I don't think it is a downside, but it would have been handy to be able to fly inside the temples. I might have missed the explanation, but it's not clear to me, why Auk can't fly in the temple. Most of the times there is enough room to spread her wings. I wasn't aware of this and when I entered a temple and saw a big gap, I thought it would be a good idea to fly over it. Simple right? So I jumped, hit the fly button and.. fell down! Now, I must say there isn't much dying going on in the temple sections of this game. There is always ground below you and Auk isn't bothered by a health bar or something. And when you're outside flying and you perform a bad maneuver, no problem. Auk will just appear somewhere close by, so you can continue your game.

Aer is a beautiful looking game and the developers clearly paid a lot of attention to designing this amazing world. The temples and puzzles it what this game makes challenging and the flying is what makes this game stands out!

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Forgotten Key & Daedalic Entertainment
October 25, 2017