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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 2, 2017

Although AereA is set to be released on June 30, we at DumeeGamer.com had the honor to give AereA, the upcoming action RPG that is developed by Triangle Studios and published by our friends at Soedesco. And let me spoil my conclusion right away; this is a game you definitely want to play!

Aerea is a music themed action RPG. Before I can enter this amazing world of Aezir, I have to choose my character from four classes. Cello Knight, a melee class that acts as a tanking and protecting character. Harp Archer, a ranged class who can attack enemies from a safe distance and use the environment to its advantage. Lute Mage, a magic ranged class who is powerful and has a good survivability. And last but not least; Trumpet Gunner, a ranged class with acrobatics attacks and fast movement. You can play this game alone or let your friends come over for a local coop experience with up to four players!

You're one of Maestro Guido's Disciples and the world of Aezir, an island which is broken into pieces, is in grave danger. One of the main things about a floating Island is that. well, they float! There are eight Primordial instruments who take care of this ability. But alas, there have been stolen! And yes, it's up to you to find and collect them all so you can restore the harmony of AereA and keep those islands in the air where they belong. You will have to make your way across treacherous environments and battle tons of enemies on your quest to restore peace to this kingdom in peril.

AereA has a top down view, which works fantastic for this game. Each character has a health and Mana bar and also the option to collect and use items and add special attacks/skills. One of the development goals for this game was to keep things simple and I must say the really did just that. You'll never have to open a menu to select and use items. You can carry four items at a time and they are automatically placed in one of your item slots. Switch between them to select the item you want to use. The same goes for the special skills/attacks. So, optimal game play time!

And you want optimal game play time, because it's an awesome game which plays so well. You can hack and slash your way through tons of enemies. Every Island has a level boss which protects one of the eight Primordial instruments. All enemies, both boss and regular ones, are fairly easy to defeat, although sometimes it needs more than just a simple slash. So try different attacks and abilities and finish off those stealing bastards.

Between quests, you will return to the center of the kingdom: the Concert Hall. Here you will meet non playable character like Maestro Guido, Clef (a parrot guide), students who might have optional quests for you and shop owners. At the Concert Hall, you can also buy items, upgrades and skills. In the beginning the shop only offers you a small selection of things to buy, but you can do something about that. During the game you gain XP for your character and your instrument, so they both will level up and that will expand the number of items for sale at the shop. Also, keep an eye out for books when visiting an area. These books are scattered all across the kingdom and contain recipes to make all kinds of items. The shop owners can use these recipes and add this items to their assortment.

be rewarded with some helpful tips. The levers that are used to open new sections of a level are in fact metronomes. Collect music notes, which is the currency in this game. Collect Rhythm Points to restore your Mana bar. And I think there might be a Nintendo fan in the development team, because you can crush crates with a yellow question mark and you travel by wooden airship! I love it! Being a music themed game it's no surprise the developers paid a lot of attention to the soundtrack. And what better choice could the developers make then to team up with Broforce composer Deon van Heerden? To sum it up: In terms of graphics and music, this game is one of a kind!

AereA truly is an awesome game and I really enjoyed playing it! It has game play elements similar to Diablo, but somewhat simplified. It looks awesome and the characters are funny. My advice: Play AereA and kick some serious fanfare ass!

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Triangle Studios & Soedesco
June 30, 2017