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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 6, 2021

I'm one of those gamers that is always amazed by the looks of Action RPGs in an open world setting, but at the same time, I'm overwhelmed by all the options that you have, so I need a lot of guidance. My younger brother Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee is a complete addict when it comes to open world games, especially if they come with an online multiplayer mode. He is not daunted by the sheer number of options and fiddly game mechanics. His motto is usually "the more options, the merrier!". Versus Evil was nice enough to send us two codes for their latest game, so we could play it both in game single player and online coop mode. So, let us take you on an amazing journey through the world of Almighty: Kill your Gods!

After choosing a male or female character the game will take you through a nice tutorial that will explain the basics controls of the game. I personally thought it was great that besides running, fighting and jumping, your character can glide while in the air and I personally love the sprint animation. Normally your character will stand up straight while walking normally, but when you start sprinting, he/she will run very fast on all fours, like a cheetah! This gives the characters a more animalistic feel, which is perfect for the premise of the game.

When you embark on your adventure, the protagonist will find him- or herself in the lands of Home Island. Now, the thing is in a right sorry state at the moment; things are shattered, broken and the villagers, called Kindred, are running scared. Your goal quickly becomes clear: Bring low the oppressive false gods, protect your kindred and become Almighty! But we're not going to slay Gods immediately, of course. These kinds of humongous tasks need a lot of preparation. Home Island has a lot of buildings to repair and upgrade so you can benefit from them. The first thing to unlock is the prayer wall, which is the place if you're looking for missions.

The first couple of these missions are meant for the player to get to know the game a bit better and are really fun to do at the same time. The first mission involves helping five Kindred get to safety and while you're at it, kill ten enemies called Lost. I already died twice completing this task, but soon I got the hang of it and got stuff done! At this time, I'd like to share my super-secret tactic with you guys. First, I used my fire ball attack on the enemy, so it is stunned and then I take them out with a couple of punches. And if there are more than one enemy present, I will focus on one and finish it before I take on the next one. Okay, my super-secret tactic is not so secret anymore, or even really tactical for that matter, but hey, if I helped to convince you to play this great game, I gladly share my secrets.

By the time I reached the fifth mission, I felt confident enough to join forces with my brother Michael and play the game online coop mode, which is available for up to four players. I have to say it made things a lot easier for me because Mike is a seasoned player in this genre, so I could ask him anything. True, there is also a vault on home island, with all tutorials stored in it, but it's even more helpful if someone is at your side, helping you along your way. Michael loved playing together, because he had a good laugh about my playing and called me noob more than once. For example. During the mission on Lepa Island I noticed for the first time that a certain Anger Level could increase. I really thought it had something to do with my character, that she got mad and, hopefully, more powerful. But alas, after Michael was finished laughing and sat back in his chair again, he explained to me that this indicates the Anger Level of the Island. In other words, the more time we spend on the island (and the more enemies we kill), the angrier the enemies get and the more difficult things will get. Luckily, the anger level resets every time you leave the island.

Every time you return to Home Island, it's smart to check if you can buy, repair or upgrade things. Building a strong home grants you power. In your own inventory, you can check your loadout and make sure you have the best gear available. There is a Trader on Home Island, so visit him to buy and sell items. The Prayer Wall and Vault are also there, giving you access to missions and tutorials. Arguably, the single most important building on this island might be the Tower of Might. You can build new floors and upgrade the existing ones, which will grand you with nice extras like an extension of your health bar. I'm really happy with all the notifications and explanations in this game, but for seasoned players it might be a bit too much. Or maybe just in the case of my brother Michael. I thought it was pretty funny that, when we could finally unlock the Kitchen on Home Island and I was reading the tutorial carefully, I heard my brother shouting: "Yes, yes. I know how a kitchen works!"

I really had a blast playing Almighty: Kill your Gods! Especially the online coop mode is great fun! I always like to play games together with Michael and this one is no exception to this rule. In my case, it was a good thing that there are a lot of notifications and tutorials, which really helps new players to come to grips with everything the game has to offer. Seasoned players of this genre, like my brother Michael, will also enjoy it and just skip the tutorials all together. There is a lot going on in this game and it's crystal clear that the developers put a lot of effort and heart into making it. Almighty: Kill your Gods enters the Early Access on Steam. And, because you can even visit your friends' Home Islands and help each other upgrade and defend your homes from enemy raids, we think it would be excellent to see you guys online, so we can all become almighty together!

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Runwild Entertainment & Versus Evil
May 5, 2021 (Early Access)