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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 10, 2016

Here I am, once again, to tell you more about Battleborn, because the wait is finally over; Battleborn is finally released. I had a try-out at Gamescom last year, a month ago I experienced a full four hour session at the 2K studios in the Netherlands and we tried out the game at home during the open beta two weeks ago. So, is there more to tell?

Fortunately, yes! Owning the full game means you'll have all the time of the world to discover everything that Battleborn has to offer. I took the time to try out more characters. Up till now I was a really big fan of Oscar Mike, because he has a rifle, cool special attacks and he is so awesome!

In the full game you'll start by playing the prologue and meet Mellka, a female character that I instantly became a fan of. Unfortunately, she's one of the characters you'll have to unlock. So after the prologue I couldn't choose her for a next round of ass kicking. And I wanted her so bad, I just love girls with big guns. Ehm… okay, that sounded weird.

Anyway, I'm not the type to sit in a corner and sulk when I can't choose a certain character, so I set my sights on another kind of bad-ass. I was very curious about the skills of the Marquis and was not to be disappointed. Playing as the Marquis is really fun, although it's very different from the style I normally like. I'm more like: “Give me a big gun with unlimited ammo and point me in the direction of the danger! There's nothing that a machine gun can't solve." Quite the opposite of what I'd normally choose, the Marquis has a more powerful weapon, but it takes longer to reload. The best way to describe the character would be to call him a Sniper.

And I just love the special attacks of the Marquis. The first one is an attack to slow time. So enemies will slow down and you have more time to blow their minds, literally. The other attack delivers a more powerful blow than you already do with you standard weapon. But the best is yet to come; this particular attack involves the use of a cute little mechanical owl, that will help you attack a certain enemy for a short period of time.

I couldn't possibly tell you everything about all the cool characters of Battleborn. If I did, I would need at least fifteen pages or so and my editor will go ballistic on me. Yet there is one character I just can't skip: Miko. Miko looks like a mushroom and the first impression is that he is mainly a healing character. One round, I felt like taking a supporting role, so I entered the battle as Miko. The funny thing is, that although you have a couple of special powers that are really helpful to your team, at the same time, Miko can deal a lot of damage on his own. I actually dealt more damage than the other players while playing as Miko and, at the same time, did a good job healing the other players. I absolutely love that you don't have to compromise when choosing a healing character.

In earlier reviews about Battleborn, I didn't tell you about the possibility of putting together your own gear loadouts. While playing Battleborn, you will earn, collect and unlock certain loadout items. They will add more health, more damage or other epic stuff to your character. You will not have these items right from the beginning, but you can use your shards to buy them. Besides the helix upgrade system, this loadout possibility can give you a real advantage during the game.

In terms of gameplay, graphics and soundtrack, everything is just top notch; the game plays extremely well and is totally awesome. Come on, it's Gearbox and 2K we're talking about, how can this not be awesome? I especially love the humor in the game. And every time a new round starts, there will be an introductory movie in which all the characters and players will be showcased, accompanied by an awesome soundtrack.

Whether you like to play more offensive, defensive or like to play as a supporting character, you'll always have the opportunity to kick some ass. Whether you like to play single player, coop or multiplayer, Battleborn has it all. There is a ton of stuff to unlock, which guarantees hours and hours of gameplay and fun. So I would like to conclude my review by saying that Battleborn is an awesome game, indeed for every kind of badass!

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May 3, 2016