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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 14, 2016

Two weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Dutch 2K Headquarters in Breda, The Netherlands and played a few rounds of Gearbox Software and 2K's upcoming title: Battleborn. I ended my article about this awesome trip, which you can read here, with the phrase that I just couldnít wait till I could play Battleborn again. Luckily for me, this moment came much earlier than I expected!

We have played a couple of open betas over the last couple of weeks. Although itís cool to have a peek at the game youíre anxiously waiting for, most of the time a beta is limited to the multiplayer aspect of the game. But thatís not the case with Battleborn; you can play the single-, coop- and multiplayer mode. What was really cool that we (Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams and yours truly) played local coop and were still able to invite other friends to our game.

This game has, as mentioned earlier, a single player mode. The advantage of this mode is that you donít have to share your lives with the rest of your crew (because there simply is no crew) and itís quite a bit less chaotic on your screen. Plus, youíll have all the enemies to yourself. This last plus might also be a hindrance, because Battleborn is much, much more challenging to play all by your lonesome. So yes, absolutely, the best thing you can do is invite some friends and, as a team, beat the crap out of everything and everyone that dares to stand in your way.

After trying (and failing miserably) to finish the first mission with just the both of us, we decided to give the multiplayer a try. Whatís absolutely cool about it, is the fact that we were able to keep playing split-screen, while teaming up with other players from all over the world. The only minor annoyance was that one of the players had a somewhat dodgy microphone that kept making strange noises all of the time. Oh well, it was only a minor nuisance, and Iím sure thereís a way to mute all this nonsense, but I just couldnít find it in the heat of the moment. Nevertheless, we managed to finish the level and fealt pretty damn good about ourselves. Goooooooo team!

For the duration of the beta, 9 characters are made available, along with two maps/levels. Both levels look absolutely beautiful; the cartoony style combined with semi-realistic details works fantastic and is truly a feast for the eyes! The nine characters you can choose from, each represent a different playing-style; you have your tank, healer, soldier, ranged attacker, etcetera, etcetera. And although theyíre all great, Oscar Mike is still my favorite. I donít know what it is about characters with assault rifles, but I sure like Ďem! Especially when their special abilities encompass a powerful grenade and a precision airstrikeÖ howís that for being awesome?!

The open beta for PS4 started on April 8, while the beta for PC and Xbox One the beta started yesterday, April 13. For all platforms, the open beta ends on April 18, 13.00 CEST. So, if you havenít play the beta already, there is still time to enjoy the cool world and mighty characters of Battleborn. And donít worry if youíre not a shooter-adept; Battleborn is truly a game for every kind of bad ass and yes, that includes you. On a more personal not, Iíd like to reach out to everyone that keeps comparing Battleborn to other multiplayer shooters they may or may not have played. So all of youÖ yes, you know who you are! Can I have your attention for just one second please? Iíd just like to ask you to STOP DOING THAT! Sure, the basic idea of a team-based shooter might not be unique, but the environments, characters, art-style, excellent humor and overall awesomeness of Battleborn make it a game, unlike any other.

I absolutely loved every moment of playing Battleborn up till now. At GamesCom 2015, last week at 2k HQ in Breda, both times were super cool! But nothing can beat playing a game in the comfort of my own game palace (read: appartment). And if thereís one thing I can guarantee, itís that Battleborn will be played extensively at my game palace as soon as it hits the stores on May 3rd!

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