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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 19, 2017

Who is this though saucy minx, beating the living hell out of anything that stands in her way? It's Bayonetta, of course! She's back with her well-known first adventure, but this time for PC! Being back never felt so good!

Bayonetta's original adventure started on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 in October 2009 in Japan and in January 2010 for the rest of the world. After that, everyone who played the game was longing for more. So we couldn't have been more happy with the release of Bayonetta 2 in 2014, a Wii U exclusive which worked absolutely splendid. And now it's time for a trip down memory lane; Bayonetta is ready to accept her challenges again on PC!

Although I never thought poorly of the visuals of Bayonetta when I played it on PS3, I must say you will immediately notice the difference comparing the 2010 version to the PC version. The 60fps HD resolution graphics really make a difference and it is a great way to experience all the over-the-top action you are sure to come across while playing Bayonetta. It looks awesome!

I love Bayonetta and I truly can't think of anything that I would like to change. The developers must have thought the same thing; it's the same story, same mechanics and the same amazing game it was before. For all the poor souls who have no clue of what I'm talking about, let me explain a couple of the neat things that cross your path, as you guide our cheeky witch through her adventures.

Bayonetta is a witch, and after a slumber of five hundred years at the bottom of a lake, she can't remember who or where she is. During her adventures, more and more of her story will be explained through flashbacks. Bayonetta is a member of the Umbra Witches, who have been in conflict with the Lumen Sages for centuries. During her battles she meets a cast of other cool characters. As you progress the game it becomes clear what has happened to you and why you're in conflict with the Lumen Sages. She also discovers the truth about herself and her family.

The game is produced by Hideki Kamiya, who also is responsible for Devil May Cry. So prepare to see a lot of crazy and awesome combat. Bayonetta has two guns in her hands and another pair strapped to her feet. Yes, you heard me correctly; she has guns strapped to her feet! I don't know where Bayonetta does her fashion shopping, but she can attach guns to the heels of her stiletto boots. I have no idea how she pulls the trigger, but she's a witch, so I'm sure she finds a way. Plus, it's a totally awesome feature that makes combat more of an acrobatic routine than a straight up fist- and firefight.

One of Bayonetta's cool abilities is Witch Time. If you evade an attack at exactly the right moment, you activate Witch Time, which slows down time and gives you the opportunity to attack enemies while there are slowed down and therefore unable to attack you. Major advantage! But the best way to finish of your opponents (in my humble opinion) are the torture attacks. Kick your enemies into an iron maiden, separate their heads from their bodies with a guillotine or attack them with a giant pinwheel. Another cool feature is that Bayonetta can turn herself into an animal to sprint like a panther or fly like a crow.

The tight, black cat suit Bayonetta is wearing is actually made of her own hair. Her hair is also used when performing a finishing attack. Ehm wait, wouldn't she be totally naked while performing those finishing attacks then? The answer is yes, although a few locks of hair always cover her private parts. It completes the overall cheeky feel of the game, which contains obvious but funny references to sex. It's all so over-the-top, it's hilarious!

Bayonetta is an awesome game! If you haven't played it already, you should be ashamed. And what better way to get rid of that shame and start your amazing adventure than by playing the PC version right now. For the fans of Bayonetta it's an upgraded way to enjoy the entire experience all over again. So, to conclude my story: "The shadows remains cast!". It's just that this shadow is looking better than ever!

available on:

Platinum Games & Sega
April 18, 2017 (PC)
September - October 2014 (Wii U)
October 2009 - January 2010 (PS3 / XBox 360)