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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 18, 2014

Ah, those were the days. We remember them as if it were only yesterday. Gathering around the table and build stuff out of LEGO. A house, a car orÖ Batman. What? Youíve never built Batman? Well, you should, because crazy adventures will come from it!

Well, to be completely honest, we didnít actually build Batman either. The developers of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham did it for us. And not only Batman comes to live. If you unlock all the characters, youíll have more than a hundred iconic DC Comic characters to choose from. Each character has its own unique ability. In some levels you canít get to special items, unless you revisit that level later on using a specific character. So it will be worth your time to replay some levels (in the free play mode) in order to get all the extras.

The story of this game is simple. Batman and his friends have to travel to the Lantern Worlds in order to collect the Lantern Rings. Itís absolutely imperative they collect all the rings because our heroes have to stop the evil Brainiac and his evil plan to shrink all every major city on the planet so that theyíll fit into his Ďminiature cities of the whole universeí collection. And we just canít let that happen now, can we?!

Like all LEGO games, Beyond Gotham is filled with humor, jokes and one-liners. Itís fun to watch and play. Itís a colorful world, with many LEGO parts in it. The music and soundtrack is recognizable for the DC fans and anyone who enjoyed the TV-show in the late 80ís, early 90ís. And if youíre really oldÖ eehm, experiencedÖ you may even recognize Adam West, who played Batman in the original 1960ís TV series.

The one thing that makes Lego games even more fun is the two-player drop-in/drop-out system. If youíre playing the game by yourself and a friend stops by, he or she can easily pick up a controller and join in. And if your friend has to leave, he can just as easily drop-out again, while you can continue playing. This, in our book, is a huge plus. It promotes the local coop gameplay and doesnít fart about with needing to restart entire levels when a friend wants to join you in your quest for world peace and Lego studs.

Something that is not quite as easy at times is following the storyline. Or more specific, making the right choice as to which suit a character under your control has to change into in order to advance said story. It felt a little overwhelming and at times I didnít know what I was actually doing. This was somewhat different when playing LEGO: The Hobbit a while back. But to be honest, thatís a story I knew from reading the novel. This on the other hand, is a completely new story featuring characters Iíd never seen before. And letís face it; The DC universe does have its chaotic side (is there any other side to it?). So in short, the craziness and chaos actually suit the game. And when you really lost and donít know what to do next, you can always count on Bat-mite to help and guide you on your adventure.

Back to the costumes! As mentioned earlier, not only do the characters each have their own unique abilities, they also have several kinds of suits. With these suits, you expand your characters skills. So for example Batman can look through walls, Robin can walk through chemical fluids without taking damage, and so on, and so on. You can easily switch between your suits using the Gadget Wheel.

Already Warner Bros and Travelerís Tales have launched some DLC and a season pass, so you donít have to miss a single one of them. The add-ons are unique levels, storylines and free play modes. What to think of experiencing a chase scene, straight out of the Batman movies? Or help the parents of Superman, when they try to get their son to safety?

Final Verdict:
Whether youíre hooked on DC Comics, still building LEGO houses at your attic or just like to play a fun game with your friends (or kids?), this game is really the thing for you. Itís everything that weíve gotten used to and what weíve come to expect of a LEGO videogame. Itís fun, recognizable and features great gameplay, fun characters and one hell of a coop mode. So now, thereís nothing left for us to do but goÖ back to the Batcave!

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October 24, 2014